CCM Super Tacks Hockey Skates vs Tacks Skates Review & Comparison

CCM Super Tacks vs Tacks Skates Review and Comparison. Big thank you to CCM Hockey for making this video possible. Custom Hockeytutorial jerseys –

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iiDioxide says:

I’m kind of a beginner , I only skate for fun or “freestyling” , I bought a pair of com u+08 .. Is it good or ?

Aaron Sedlis says:

how stiff is the toung. i have mx3s and the sound is so stiff i cant bend my knees enough.

Gábor Tabi says:

Thinking about these or the 1N that’s due out soon. Any thoughts?
Also, I noticed you had some nasty scuff marks on the side and back already. Do they scuff so easily, or did something unexpected happen to them?

Charlie Evans says:

Yes! A new videos

Angel Jimenez says:

What’s the difference between the super tacks and jetspe3d

Jason Eaton says:

Do you like these better then the VH Skates?

classy021 says:

I don’t get why you just review random ass pieces of equipment… like why wouldn’t you do the stick too? You aren’t paid by CCM or Bauer but you just randomly compare the equipment without an incentive. Odd to me

Justin 96 says:

Would you recommend these or the jetspeeds for a player with a fast takeoff and top speed

Brandon Clevenger says:

Chris…just curious I’m coming back from a severe ankle injury I got while skating in the Tacks…I noticed like you a lot of freedom in the skate and also even a lot of energy that was translated to the foot when taking puck shots off the skate at any point off the boot. Do you think this newer skate will provide much more ankle support and stability and reduce that puck shot energy? Great review!!!

Robert Reynolds says:

Great review. I would like to see someone bake up a new pair. I am curious as to how much the bottom actually forms to your foot. Do you stand at all in the bake process? Is it any different than baking another skate?

GFXerDave says:

I thought VH Hockey done the mono frame first???

Louis Chabot says:

Got these skates yesterday

Charlie Evans says:

I know someone who had the SuperTacks for three weeks and they broke

Daniel Taibleson says:

Where can I pick up a pair of vapor 10’s tho?

Carson Stephens says:

I bought the tacks about 5-6 months ago and I loved them I’m gonna have to pick these up now

flyers10az says:

how does it compare to the Makos and VH you have worn?

edward rhodes says:

had these for a couple of months now, very very fast skate but im getting bruising two inches up from my outer ankle bone. anyone else getting this??? tried tighter looser tying up, the padding just seems way to hard here imo

PensFan SC87 says:

Nice video Chris! Hope I can pick these u0

Danny Finch says:

I’ve always liked the look of the CCM skates, but I have stupidly wide feet so I have to go with Bauer.. Will CCM be offering these in a EE fit Chris? If they mould well after baking they might be ok for me.

Geoff Le Cren says:

Interesting, only I’d add that a monocomp boot is hardly original, Easton have had one for years.

owenator73 says:

Does anyone know how much these skates weigh?

James Ballard says:

I’ve read the SB Black is a bit like the Bauer titanium paint back in the early 90’s, a bit of a gimmick.

Karren Aptekarev says:


Jokerit says:

jetspeed vs super tacks

14sniperhockey says:

Are they as wide as Bauer Nexus Skates?

Ian Hall says:

these or 1s?

strafer says:

Does the Tacks and Supertacks have more padding in the ankle area than the RBZ?

cdb5 says:

How are these compared to the easton makos? I love the makos fit and comfort but now need to find a new pair that is similar fit and feel.

Nate Nakao says:

Thanks for this video! Great in-depth comparison of the skates! I’m wearing Tacks now, and I’d love to upgrade, but maybe I’ll hold off for a bit. That said, I’m curious about the fit of the Super Tacks. I have a pretty wide foot. Does the Super Tack still have the widest fit of the three CCM skate lines!

Samuel _lovehockey88 says:

Jetspeed vs ft1

Jackson Wamback says:

Gonna have to save up for these before the season starts up again

Twig_ Heaven says:

Great review!! I need to get my hands on a pair of these!

Peter Shaddock says:


Tyler Lord says:

Which skate would you chose ccm super tacks or Bauer 1s

cenaboyle says:

They look nice, but I am happy with my x500 skates for now

Jonathan Leinbach says:

You should do one on the new Bauer nexus skates.

Andi Sutton says:

Are the tacks 5092 and bauer s160’s comparable to each other, anyone have a pair of either of these skates? thanks.

Richard Wang says:

It’s a nice comparison video. One thing I find with your videos is that you repeat yourself a lot so I feel like you could really cut down on the length of the video. Niche little video though

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