CCM Ribcor 70k vs 50k Ice Hockey skates review – What has changed?

Review of the NEW CCM Ribcor 70k vs 50k Ice Hockey skates to find out what has changed. Hockeytutorial custom merch -

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James Mackey City Skater says:

Wow! Alot of information! 🙂

John Capone says:

what skate would you recommend for that fast shifty player that likes to make quick cuts and tight turns

aheals.46 says:

How much will the 70k skates retail for

Adam Burlo says:

Hi, love your videos! 🙂

Pamil Productions says:

Good points I’ve always used Bauer vapor x80s and they’re starting to feel uncomfortable for me and I’m looking at new skates now. This definitely helps out.

Stuart says:

Would you know how long the memory foam in the 70k would last before breaking down. I coach two days a week and play in three leagues so I’m on the ice almost daily. I’ve had memory foam break down on me before for how much I use my skates (power foot inserts).

Jaidyn Macdonald says:


Ollie Butler says:

hey everyone, I got 20ks a few months ago ( I know they’re old but they were cheap and i only freeskate i dont play hockey) problem is my closest rink is plymouth and the closest place to get them sharpened is swindon. I want to buy another set of runners so i can post one set off to get sharpened so i dont have to travel so much. What ones would fit my skates that are good? was thinking of getting T-blades fitted to solve this, should I? thanks

Evoker says:

hey, hockey tutorial. Should I get the 50k’s or 70k’s because the 50k’s are on a massive discount at my local hockey shop…Btw great video!

Roberts Rožkalns says:

I got 50K for 3 months now, never been happier! Well, I still get some blisters if hitting ice more than 3 times per week, especially on heels (without pump), but I guess this might happen because of socks I use.
Since I am not pro player, I feel really good in mine 50K, and I feel advantage of quick turns I am able to do and added agility in combination with FBV over other players, in other words – great skates!

Chris E says:

do you record your video’s the same day you upload them?

Thelegend27 says:

how much cost the 50k ?

John Meragias says:

Please do a Jetspeed vs Tacks vs Ribcor skate comparison

Michael Penny says:

are they going to pass this new flexible tech down to the lower level skates?

Jaydeep , says:


Airchopper MCTTR says:


Devin Cooper says:

What’s the difference between the jet speeds, tacks, and ribcores. I currently use jet speeds which I prefer over the other two, however I only know the difference over feel.

Ryan Liddle says:

70k’s look very well made unlike the ft1’s and supertacks which have a cheap look and feel imo.

Mxrider2stroke Braaap says:

These looks like my Bauer supreme s160 special edition

Explodedshins says:

My feet fit the ribcore/supreme line, should I get the 70k’s, 1s, or VH?

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