CCM RBZ PRO Ice Hockey Skates DETAILED Review – First Impressions

CCM RBZ PRO Ice Hockey Skates detailed video review and first impressions. Massive thank you to CCM Hockey for sending us these RBZ Pro skates for reviewing before official launch. After having used the CCM RBZ Pro skates for the last 2 months, here our my thoughts on their performance, fit and tech..

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William Mayer says:

wtf mate the skates are made to be laced up yill the top eyelet!!!!

Sophie Quinn says:

have you got an email i can ask you some questions on?

Hockey Tutorial says:

The change in hight is in mm, its tiny but makes a difference while turning and skating. No need to change stick hight.


I got horrible lace bit

William Mayer says:

Get the crazylights if you want a less flex in your boot, and vise virsa but the CL’s shold be on sale and a better buy

dante9359 says:

Man you are so right i have the u+ crazy lights and whenever i try to do a really sharp turn the boot touches the ice and i fall down, i think that ccm did a great job with the new RBZ skates

peyton marshall says:

These or the makos?

Hockey Tutorial says:

Thank you for watching, I hope you’ll subscribe and share them

Pitur says:

They made skates similar to Bauer Supreme. Shame… i  prefered older shape like CCM CL they were simply deeper.

GFo12ce says:

I think you forgot the link regarding finding/fitting the CCM insoles.

James Downing says:

Good review.

Kyle morgan says:

when u baked these did u feel a  hard bump by your ankle

Nathan Frankel says:

where do you play?

ToddClips says:

finally haha

Connor Becker says:

your an ankle bender, hoser

Tony Nooijens says:

I ordered mine at one of the local retailers here, can’t wait to get my hands on them and try them out on the ice Friday at practice. Will let you know what my thoughts are on the RBZ.

Jon Watkins says:

There good skates but I like my Bauer apx better

lorenzo padulo says:

hi chris, very good video. i had a few questions about this skate fit profile.
how would you describe the volume when compared to the supreme or nexus skates? how well do the foams mould when compared to other skates you have used and what size do you perosnally wear? thanks

bringmehorizon5 says:

I personally thing they would look good with red laces I just bought them and can’t wait to get on the ice

habs14c says:


mattyice40 says:

What is the runner Radius on them out of the box? 13′ ?

Brandon Smit says:

Hey Chris i need to ask u a question , im deciding between the CCM U+CL and The CCM RBZ 80 , is it hard to get used to the higher holder ?

NerdHerd says:

I still prefer my apx 2 over my ccm cl , apx had a tighter for

Agility Bolt says:

These skates are sick…The runner and the blade look wicked.

Lo Ran says:

J’ai des CCM RBZ 80… ils sont super bien… confortables, légers… c’est un véritable plaisir de patiner avec, en comparaison de mes anciens CCM RAPID 205… 😉

brad hartin says:

Hey Chris what do u think r the best skates from 2010-2014

jy03829256 says:

Hello,My right feel sole width inch is 3.6 and length inch is 9.4 and my left feet sole width inch is 3.5 and length is 9.3. It’s because ccm rbz no more E now.Therefore I want to know the size of rbz skate D or EE is better for me.By the way I wear beauer x7.0 skate 4.5D now but I feel it’s a little bit narrow now.Please reply my when u saw this msg.THANKS A LOT!! 

glut3n says:

I have these skates, there awesome. I’m going to a public skate tonight 😉

FiXXXer024 says:

Just bought a pair of RBZ 80’s last week that I’ve yet to take out, but they are definitely nice if you want a sharp looking, study boot. Good review.

Zen W says:

Excellent reviewer ! He’s a very impressive commentator!

Jordan Lee says:

i was thinking of getting these,im a shoe size UK 7, what size would you recommend ordering?

strafer says:

Hey Chris, I found the CCM U+ crazy Lights and the Easton Stealth RS on sale for about the same price.  I can’t decide on which one to go with.  I tried on some Vapors in 8D and they were very uncomfortable.  Too narrow from the middle of the foot to the toe box and the arch was too high.  My feet are a little wide.  Should I go with the Stealth in an 8EE or the crazy lights in 8E?  Those are the only widths available for the deal?  What would you recommend?

2SekundyViacNezvladneš says:

what is better REEBOK 18K-19K or CCM RBZ 100???

DuZe_JorDan says:

Can someone please help me choose some new skate out of reebok white k or supreme 5 thanks too anyone who helps me out.

Hockey Tutorial says:

Some come with black and red laces, looks awesome!.


Don’t buy these. After one season they fall apart

earth4x says:

Did you cut your stick higher because of the higher holder?

Ryanteooo says:

Please do more freestyle iceskating and tutorials for it:)

TheShane209 says:

Hey man just got a whole set of gear from our freinds and I’m 16 and want to play but is it too late

nhlhockeyman8 says:


Hockey Tutorial says:

Well said.

sploofmonkey says:

Allo, from western Canada.  I have been considering the CCM RBZ line and watched your review.  One thing I really like is the fitted arch insole choices, I have a high a really high arched heel so that somewhat interests me in these skates.   One thing though, I am an old school hockey player so these fancy synthetic materials really conflicts with my inner hockey player. 
I think I will stick with my Graf 502s – all leather outer boot with a soft suede inner liner, and with synthetic materials only where the are absolutely needed.    Plus, the Graf Cobra Blade/Holder is superior to this CCM blade/holder.  
Still might take a closer look at a lower level RBZ line here in western Canada but with a lot of skepticism.

Conor Errey says:

rbzed eh

Skyler Smith says:

I still think I like the mako skates better

Fuck you Google Give me my account back says:

It’s all down to personal preference. I personally prefer my Reebok’s over my CCM’s, but a mate of mine prefers his CCM’s over his Reebok’s. You need to take look at a skate and see what it is you need from it, rather that just buying a higher up or top range skate.

Hockey Tutorial says:

There is a forum page on my site, please post your questions there. Thanks for watching.

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