CCM Jetspeed Skates // On-Ice Review

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Hey everyone!

It’s Derek from Total Hockey.

Today I’m testing out the CCM Jetspeed skates.

The all-new CCM Jetspeed Ice Skates are picking up where the RBZs left off, and are designed to bring you the fastest and best fitting skates in the game.

The Rocketframe™ Composite Shell is a fully shaped quarter package that provides advanced contoured support including improved heel lock for maximum speed.

Heat Moldable Speedcore 2 Plus works with the Rocketframe™ contour shape allowing you to
customize the boot to support your unique foot shape.

On the inside, a dual zone soft touch liner is enhanced with SuperDry and Durazone abrasion patches
providing you with a dry, protected, and fully supporting skate.

In addition, the liner is equipped with a Multi Density memory foam and symmetrical foam comfort
pad that conforms to your ankle bone allowing for protection, comfort, and most of all a personalized fit.

The footbeds of the Jetspeeds are CCM Custom Support Footbeds, meaning you can custom mold it to
your exact specifications, allowing you to choose the proper arch support for your foot type.

CCM is also introducing the new Jetprotect Tongue, which gives you multi layer construction for enhanced lace bite protection without sacrificing comfort.

Beneath the boot, you’ll find a lightweight composite midsole as well as an ultralight carbon outsole.

The outsole comes with exhaust vents to help improve ventilation in the skates, assisting the moisture
wicking materials in keeping your feet dry.

And finally, Speedblade 4.0 holders and the SpeedBlade Hyper-Glide runners increase your attack
angle, providing greater strides, sharper cornering, and improved glide.

The Jetspeeds provide you with a really contoured fit. The RBZs offered a wider boot and a deeper instep and the result was that the foot often had room to move around.

The contoured fit will keep your feet snug and your stride will improve.

The double stitched tendon guard is a really nice feature.

I’ve seen that piece wear down extremely fast on other skates but this seems really durable.

I hope you guys liked the video.

You can find the CCM Jetspeed skates at a Total Hockey store near you or at

See you next time.

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Thanks again for watching.


mrkackerwacker says:

what’s better these or high end Bauers?

TwigfestHD says:

God I want these and the speedburner so bad. Had to settle for the 50k’s and a bauer 1x.

Lefty says:

This fool heckled handsome

Wiz A. says:

Hey Derek I have Bauer vapors right now. I’m looking at the jet speed. A question I had was is the angle of attack similar to the vapors

Ronald Miller says:

total hockey ,which would probably or more then likely be a better fit for me , the pro level jetspeed or the Ribcor 50k , I have a narrow foot and I love me skates to feel real tight around my foot …… especially my ankles . I Also would like my laces to stay tight during a game instead of loosing up

Kpoole25 says:

When do you think an on ice review of the Jetspeed FT1’s will be out? saw Mackinnon wearing them against Chicago the other night.

dj madjik says:

which ones are being reviewed here? 300?

forever hockey says:

I have these skates and they are great they have a good look to them and they are very comfy I recommend them I got mine at source for sports I strongly recommend these skates

riseagainst 1997 says:

how is the liner in these holding up they felt cheap to me like what the 280 uses compared to the ribcors undecided between the jetspeed le or the ultra tacks

Ronald Miller says:

thanks TTh!

Boltzz TV says:

The Jetspeed’s are a much more better fitting boot than the wider RBZ’s and find the ankle lock a great upgrade.

Kris35 says:

Do the Jetspeed skates still offer the wider boot thats the RBZ’s offer?

Dave Darcy says:

Hey Derek, I’m looking to transition to a softer boot for more comfort and less foot pain, I’m currently on the CCM U+ CL and am considering the Jetspeed 280 or 270, would this be a good transition and do you have a recommendation as to whether I should transition to the 280 or 270?

SardineCanSuccess says:

Whats the difference between the 300 and 290

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