CCM JetSpeed Skate On-Ice Review

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IW Hockey reviews the CCM JetSpeed Ice Hockey Skate on-ice.


Keshaun Scott says:

These or the mx3s?

Bakum22 says:

Is there significant difference between the JetSpeed and the JetSpeed 300? I’m looking at CCM as a replacement for my Bauer X:60 which are pretty dated by today’s standards.

gaz nadin says:

Hi, really now choosing between vapor x900 and jetspeeds. Main concerns are complaints eyelets break and quality. My foot shape is supreme skates except I just can’t get a good heel lock in them for some reason, foot gets pushed forward from the heel. Both jetspeed and vapors retained my heel at back of skate, jetspeed seemed to hug foot more. What do you think I should go for?

Yaw Jalik says:

Hey Chase, am currently running Bauer vapors size 7D, and I find them to be a little “long” front to back. Roughly half an inch or more room in length. The width is just nice. Supposingly, I should be getting a size 6.5 (Shoe size 8) but am afraid that the reduction in size will reduce much of the width. Should I give the jetspeeds a try, as many say they have slightly higher width and volume compared to the vapors. Or should I give the supremes a chance? There are no ccm dealers within a few hundred miles away from me. Appreciate your help

DylanHD says:

What skates are better in your opinion for an offensive player the jet speed or ccm ribcore 50k?

Malaya Wheeler says:

what skate has a lower arch the nexus 8000 or supreme mx3

Dmitriy Ignatov says:

Would I be able to put my ls4 steel on these

Lefty says:

Chase I wanna party with you

Irina Kim says:

Hey I have the jetspeed 280’s in a EE size because is have very wide feat, but I have a lot of arch pain in my feet. I was wondering if I should get the jeetspeed’s would I have arche pain

Kopitar117 says:

Hey Chase, i have bauer vapor x60 skates in which im too big for now. should i get another pair of x60s or get jetspeeds. i weigh 70 pounds and have trouble getting to the open ice with speed. will these help? thanks.

Emma Williams says:

Is this the 270?

Nate Elliott says:

Can you tell me which is better and why they are. These or the Bauer Vapor 1x??

Tanner Graham says:

I just got the 270’s is there any difference between that and the 280/290’s?

Owen Delmore says:

Do you recommend vapor 1x’s or jetspeed’s for a skinnier foot?

Djibrill77 says:

Hi. Compared with the 2014 CCM Tacks skates that I´m skating with now, would you say that a EE in the (JetSpeed) are pretty much the same width as a D in the old Tacks? Small difference? Would I go wrong with a EE in the JetSpeeds? Thanks. Love your reviews! 🙂

Welshy says:

i use a CCM RBZ skate, (Size 8.5) and i might switch back to bauer soon, what would be the difference in sizing? i have quite a narrow foot, and im thinking i would use a 10.5- 11D

DP Burton says:

Right now I’m using Bauer S180’s but I’m looking to make the switch to ccm. I was told to use Supreme with Bauer because of the shape of my foot and was wondering if ccm was like that as well with their skates and which would fit best for my foot. So what I’m asking is if going from S180’s to the Jetspeeds is something I should do.

Brandon Su says:

I wear a size 9 in mx3 right now, when I tighten the bottom of the skate the front of my feet hurt a little bit… I spoke with the CCM rep he said I should get size 8.5 in jet speeds (I wear a size 11 shoe) do you think i should get 8.5d or 8.5ee? I have a thin ankle/heel but my foot is flat and pretty wide.

riseagainst 1997 says:

stuck between these or the ccm ribcor

Random Dude says:

I’m choosing between the supreme s190 or the CCm jetspeed 270 witch do you think are more high performance

Hockey Enthusiast007 says:

Are jetspeeds wider than the supremes?

Alex Kohl says:

too bad the red liner bleeds like crazy. my friend has these and wears white socks, and when he washed them the pink stain wouldn’t come out

Dmitriy Ignatov says:

do you know what the price of these will drop down to when the new CCM JetSpeeds FT1’s come out , hope you awnser, thanks.

Matt S says:

i have a wide foot and a narrow ankle. I’ve had vapors but they hurt the sides of my feet even though i use EE’s. I’ve basically narrowed it down to supreme 190s or jetspeeds, which would you suggest or is there another skate you think would fit my foot shape?

Samuel _lovehockey88 says:

Which skate has the best heel lock on the market ( besides pumps )

Matt Beder says:

Hi chase, im a defense men and I have the opportunity to either buy these or the CCM Tacks. What would you recommend?

WinsonBringsYou says:

jetspeeds vs mx3
which tendon guard is much more flexible?
which eyelet and ankle pads last longer?

Dave Darcy says:

Hey Chase, I’m looking to transition to a softer boot for more comfort and less foot pain, I’m currently on the CCM U+ CL and am considering the Jetspeed 280 or 270, would this be a good transition and do you have a recommendation as to whether I should transition to the 280 or 270?

Matt Walker says:

I love your reviews but I think if you did pros and cons they could be better cause no product is perfect just a thought

Anakin Vader says:

hi there, I a bit lost with the latest ccm skates. I was skating latest CL for like 2years, wearing them off totally – being honest I would not suspect that their durability is so low, the fact is I was skating a lot, but still they were suppose to be hind end ones.
anyways right now I got three models in sight tacks, ribcor 50k and jetspeed. I was almost likely to give a chance to tacks, but there are still bit expensive but still looks like the best for me (agile, fast and rigid). I am like 176cm heigh with 6,5D feet, not sure whether that matters. I personally hate the idea of pump in skates (first thing to fail in skates) ofc you dont need to use it, so what is the reason? Jetspeed looks like more shiny CL/RBZ version nothing unusual. I was looking at reviews but nothing has clarified my approach, I want extremaly light, rigid skates which wont wore in less than two years. (in previous CL I lost 2 nuts, and broke runner)

peanut4745 says:

Would it be hard going from apx 2 skates to these??

CP_Lacrosse says:

Would you recommend these or the Bauer x900

Vdidde says:

Hey, chase
I’m looking for a new pair of skates. My current skates 5 years old cant support my ankels anymore.

I’m a really heavy over 100kg (220Lbs) and tall 193cm (6’4″)

Are these skates good for me?
Do you maybe have any other recommendations? (Perhaps something cheaper.)

Kevin Withee says:

the biggest problem I have with this skate is the 2 piece tindon guard, I don’t trust 2 piece tindon guards

bulldog190 says:

lol i just started learning to skate on a pair of tacks from 79

ThanksForWatchin918 says:

I’m deciding between these or the 1s skates. Which would you recommend?

IceHockey911 says:

Hey chase, I’m in Bauer NXG 7.5EE custom. Which means they are a True EE width.
Which size should I go for in the CCM Jetspeed skates?

sebseb seb says:

so much stuff Bauer did first :)))))

alex Christensen says:

Would u recommend theses or Bauer x500 Le??

Randy Leavitt says:

I’m looking at either the speedburner or ribcore. I just need some advice. I’m in a double E Reebok 9k. My heel feels fine in them. But from my arch to my toes it is uncomfortable and it hurts. My feet are either asleep or hurting. I need something more comfortable. I’m going to go top of the line in whichever I decide. Any suggestions?

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