Best Ice Hockey Skate Runners – Step Steel, Massive Blade, BladeTech review

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Kpoole25 says:

Where the hell do you get a leather hone?

kevin.m says:

I use sb black edge never had any problem with them


I’m a bantam one

No Name says:

Being a fan of gold how about coating a set of blades with titanium nitride (TiN)

John Tamburriello says:

Where do you get the leather to hone the skate after you sharpen it? Is there a certain kind or brand you recommend?

Benjamin Pearson says:

MASSIVE Blade is absolutely the best steel available.

Elaine Giam-Ong says:

L5 carbon

Anthony Llabres says:

I don’t like those ultra high runners…

mikey marteau says:

Why do you use the lS2 and not the ls4

Larry Sunshine says:

idk how this got into my recomended vids but very cool vid

cocplayer says:

The vstep steel that has the mirror look, do you have to use the leather instrument or can you use a normal ceramic.

TheDp1965 says:

Great Review. keep up the great job.

Oli Izzzda says:

Where can i buy massive blade

Hky Prodigy says:

Nhlers uses Bauer ls3

McNugget Butts says:

Which steel will be best for synthetic ice?
Like which would last the longest

Analog Kid says:

You talk about the shape of the blades being different but wouldn’t you wind up getting them contoured before using them? Or are these aftermarket blades available with different radius’ out of the box?

SomeHockeyPlayer17 says:

1:50 dat coach is good

Tyler Dowd says:

That black Step Steel…sheesh!

SavageLukas Kott says:

Pure Hockey is selling/shipping the Step Steel for the Tuuk in the US

zeffur7 says:

Wow… you must have spoke a 100k words in that video.

The subject is much simplier than you have made it. THE major factors are:

1. Blade material & hardness (too soft & it won’t hold an edge for very long & will increase your total sharpening expenses; too hard & it will be too brittle (making it harder to sharpen & more likely to break under high impact/stress conditions). Please just state the facts about blade hardness to demystify the subject or you’re just as ignorant as those before you who didn’t. A Rockwell C hardness of 60 or harder is often considered too hard/brittle & therefore not a great choice for a hockey blade (unless you’re a light weight skater who just has to have that extra long edge durability quality–which most people don’t care about as much as the risk & cost of blowing a blade edge, when a blade that is too hard fails).

2. Blade shape (traditional shape or ‘radiused’. Radiused blades have less blade in contact with the ice (which provide less friction) & work better for sharper turns

3. Blade polishing &/or coating. The video commentator did a pretty good job of describing the benefits of these blade qualities.

4. Price-performance ratio: If the cost to benefit ratio is too high, it’s better to use the factory blade & then upgrade it with a new blade that provides an optional price-performance ratio. Tell us something useful, like at what price point does it make sense to buy one blade over the other base on how must less it will cost us in extra blade sharpening & how much slicker it will make our glide be. Otherwise, just tell us your opinion of which blade is best, where we can get it for the least $, & then we can decide if the extra benefits:cost ratio makes sense to us to spend the $.

5. Color (does any top player really care about the color of the blade?? It won’t make a difference in performance, so it’s pretty irrelevent, really.

Mark Tayman says:

How do i know if the blade will fit onto my skate

Callum Cossar says:

Your comparing the height of the step steel to the Bauer ls2 blade which doesn’t have the same higher as the ls3/ls4 blade

Jeff Aljoe says:

What kind of blades does Connor Mcdavid use I cant find anything

Dec Pierce says:

R all of these runners compatible with all holders or r there some that aren’t compatible (especially referring to the light speed edge holder)

Paul White says:

I have a set of ccm rbz, just getting into hockey. When do you know when its time to change steel. Cant find any videos explaining this for people new to the sport.

Kyle Buker says:

Sweet video, I recently just did a custom order on the new TRUE skates and added the step blacksteel (didn’t really know much about them other than what i was told by the service staff) and after watching your video I’m that much more excited to get them!

Luke Schelter says:


Lat3 says:

check out Ramonedge blades

Ashton S. says:

Do you recommend buying tydan blades

John Kordic says:

what do you think about the Bauer LS 3 ? Thanks

Michael Penny says:

great video

John trobek says:

the stainless steel is garbage

Brandon Summ says:

Where can I buy a leather hone

brandon ho says:

the stepsteel is easy to get rust than the bauer LS4

Tomas Koudelka says:

With massiveblade I couldn’t believe how alleviating the skating all of a sudden felt and was. The best about massive blades for me is the confidence at which you lean into the turns and keep gliding on the way out. Never happened that blades will slow you or you get stuck in the turn at high speeds, on the other hand will help you speed up. The maneuverability in turns is awesome. More incredible thing is that the blades don’t need sharpening at all and still keep it’s mentioned qualities. The blades improves a player’s game in many aspects:1. 100% reliability -> amazing confidence in skating maneuvers -> skating technique best practiced; 2. energy saving in every stride, improved glide -> longer glide -> leg strength plummets -> even more energy saving for a player; 3. sharp turns and quick turnovers and starts feels absolutely save and effortless and with absolute confidence, even the ice is totally broken from you turning hard. 4. Sharpening almost no need (up to 6 months); 5. Optimal height (step steel are way too much high, which decreases your stability) and optimal radius profile (best for speed vs. maneuverability, to compare with step steel, where you have to do some profiling in toes, not to stumble while leaning forward to make a dash) 6. New technology and color design. Am sure by now, that nothing will improve your game better, than the technology in the material of the blades. Just awesome piece of sport technology and a must for everyone who is looking to be an elite skater.

riseagainst 1997 says:

can you get step steel for ccm skates ?

Jeffrey JeffreyFLF says:

so if I get a black steel and get it sharpen, even if I ask the guy to use the leather hone, it will still removed black coating???

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