Bauer Vapor 1X Skate On-Ice Review

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IW Hockey reviews the Bauer Vapor 1X Skate.

The Bauer Vapor 1X Skate’s 3D lasted Curv™ composite quarter package offers the highest level of rigidity and stability around. The updated X-rib design, which looks identical to the OD1N skate, helps to shed weight while improving support, just like the new Curv™ composite ankle support. This new Curv™ insert not only helps to make the skate lighter but it allows the skate to form even better around the foot than the previous plastic insert. Both of these updates and the Aluminized finish of the Curv™ composite are products of the game-changing OD1N Concept Project.


John Cornelsen says:

I’m currently skating in the Bauer S180 size 8D…switched from a Vapor 8D that was too tight across the forefoot. Really missing the Vapor’s forward pitch and aggressiveness. How would you describe the Vapor 8 EE forefoot width compared to my S180 8D? Thanks.

KOSAtm says:

Hi Guys!
About the sizing: is bauer skate sizing and mission inline skates the same?
If I have 1x skates in 8,5D should I then buy inhalers ds2 in the same size?

Richard Focke says:

Should i get these or the the ccm jetspeed(2015). I am currently using a bauer vapor 7.0

Scott Johnson says:

The width of my feet feel kind of to snug but the heel feels fine with an 11.5 d skate. I don’t know if it will break in or should I get a 11.5 EE skate? Then I heard if you do that the skate is bigger than the supremes. Not sure what to do because it feels great with the heel but the sides feel kind of snug where I don’t know if this will kill my feet. Tried them warming up in the oven still feels tight on the sides of feet. I felt like this fit the best out of all the skates I tried on. Any suggestions for me?

Nick G says:

Hey Chase! What’s the weight of the vapor 1x compared to the supreme mx3’s? Also, would you say the 1x’s tongue is thicker than the mx3’s because of it being part felt?

W4RCHEUR says:

Its it still okay if i buy the Bauer Vapor x800 or should i go for the extra money and buy the x900 one

Sam Garrison says:

Any ideas on when the Speed Plates will be available to buy on their own?

Jack Cronin says:

Would you recommend these to someone who weighs around 145lbs or should I get a skate that has a less stiff boot

Jamie Ratcliff says:

What is the mid-foot with like in there compared to a Supreme? I have supreme 190’s in 9.5D and it hurts my mid-foot, would a 9.5EE in a 1X be wider?

Joó Gergely Mihály says:

Hello IW ! I have older bauer vapor x 7.0 sizes 7,5 EE. Perfect fit and size for me.I bought Bauer 1X in same size 7,5 EE , when I skate lift off my pole. Is it normal?So that my finger touch the end of skate. What can I make with this? Thanks (Achilles Heel Gel Pad) ???

Kriszta Gyurisics says:

What is the ideal sizes for me in 1X if I a have bauer vapor x7.0 , 7,5 EE sizes ???? Thanks a lot.

PaulD says:

Thanks for the review!
I can’t decide between those 1X’s and the CCM Jetspeed.
I need fast acceleration and tight turns. Can you help me?
Thank you!

honza starek says:

What i should buy if i am a defender?
Mx3 or 1x?

Keshaun Scott says:

What would you recommend for a 220 pound winger 1x or mx3? Thanks

Fares Younis says:

Ice warehouse I am starting hockey and I want the 1x skate but does it give you the most of your stride because I need the speed to catch up with the boys

Z Zaparniuk says:

Between the tacks and the 1X skates which ones will make you feel quicker and more dynamic on the ice? I currently use APX2’s and when I’ve tried other skates I just don’t feel as quick or agile.

Chef Brando says:

omg that is my home rink i play for the bakersfield dragons lol

Matt Scotto says:

Does the EE size make the toe box wider

Hockey Enthusiast007 says:

Quick question. I have seen somebody mention that EE vapors are a bit wider than D supremes, and that the D Jetspeeds are also a bit wider than D supremes, so would it mean that the EE vapors and D jetspeeds are pretty much the same width wise?

ChrisB10 says:

Just switched to these from a supreme 190. fn blows the 190s away. You would think the 190 would be good, it’s basically a pro skate but I feel so much more responsive and agile on the 1X’s. W
They weren’t cheap but I’m so stoked how they felt after just 1 skate. If you’ve always been a supreme guy or are hesitant to spend the money do it. These skates just feel fn amazing !So light and responsive. Also Noone seems to mention that the Vapors have the flattest arch out if the Bauer line so if you have flat feet like me I’d recommend them. The bigger 190 arch was killing my foot…

Mike L says:

If you get the skates I suggest to get a backup runner aka steel. I used the LS4 for 2 weeks but it ended up breaking. I suggest getting some LS2 which I like more than the LS4

Jonathan Leinbach says:

Do you know when the speed plate will be for sale, and how much they will be?

Ryan Mui says:

I am currently wearing a D width in the supreme one100 skates but I tried on the new supreme 180 and the D width was to narrow for me. Would I be a D or EE in the 1x skates?

Miguel H says:

I read on a website that the volume of the toe cap changed from the APX to the APX2 model, the latter being more narrow.
How does the space between the APX2 and the 1X skates compare?

Also, I’m coming from a X100 skates. Do the 1X skates fit the same? Thanks

Emil Surin says:

nice wheels

Alex Turcotte says:

I have a wide foot, anyway I can fit in a pair of these??

Canadiansnipers993 says:

I’m having a problem with the 1x
I’m not sure if the person who heated them screwed up or what? The insole is constantly moving around when I’m skating it’s super irritating any ideas ??

Andre Doyle says:

Do you know when the next bauer vapor skates are coming out

Samuel _lovehockey88 says:

Do these have the same amount of forward pitch as the tacks

Arthur HFRD says:


I would like to buy a new pair of skates.
I used to wear skates from vapor line ( I had the XX and the XXX back in time ) then I turned to CCM skates and now I would like to try the 1x skates.
I know that the shape of our feet matters when we have to chose between vapor and supreme, my feet are normal ( not wide and not narrow ) but I recently noticed that I have two bunions on one foot ( one near the toe and one on the external side ) so do you think the 1x will hurt my foot more than other skates due to his narrower shape ?
And I also would like to know if it is true that for the Vapor line, we must buy half a size less than our shoe size ? ( I mean that If i were size 10 with my shoes, should I buy a size 9,5 or a size 10 of vapor skates ?

Thanks a lot !

Wiz A. says:

Do u think it will be a problem if I switch my speed plate in for my current super feet? I’m thinking it might mess up the ankle of attack and might give me blisters as super feet raises your heel a bit and my skate is perfectly molded to my super feet insole. What do u think is my best approach?

Lobby 91 says:

can you describe the fit of this (and all vapor skates)? is it looser(compared to supreme) in the heal, tighter in the forefoot? or is it tighter all the way through, getting even tighter in the forefoot?

Lovecchio Squad says:

Which are better, ribcor 50k or vapour 1x skates I can’t decide?

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