Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Skate // On-Ice Review

IW Hockey reviews the 2018 Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Skates.
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The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Skates were built with one goal in mind; to provide the most effective and efficient stride a Bauer skate can possibly produce. The 2S Pro accomplished this with a new Carbon Curv Composite boot, the Reflex Pro Tongue, the SpeedPlate 2.0 Custom Footbed and the Tuuk LS5 Carbon Runners.


AdaptableTurtle says:

When is it coming out?

Flanners says:

Hey Chase, another great video. What are the main differences between the 2S and the 2S Pro?

Student Loans Are Cool says:

Of only i didnt have this big toe bone sticking out

clundin8193 says:

Wow supreme makes everything

Jacky Ting Fai Cheung says:

How much upgraded from 1S to this 2S PRO?

Cory Bardino says:

Chase, you couldn’t get your hands on the new 1s stick for this video? Hahaha

Matt says:

Hey Chase, do you think its worth upgrading from ls4 to ls5? Cheers bro

Keith Roylance says:

Based on my foot profile I skate Vapors, but man Supremes get everything lol…I want that rocking tendon guard so bad.

Fintar med Kroppogklubba says:

will there be an LE ‘blacked out’ version of the 2S Pro released this fall?

Jefisboss21 says:

Hi chase
When are these coming out because I’ve just started to play hockey and I’ve had the s140s for a while and there getting too small so I was looking at some s150s but if these are coming out I’ll buy an entry level skate in this line

sebastian andersson says:

Hey chase, is there any new vapor skates launching soon?

Tristan Lalonde says:

I think that is the best hockey skate on the market

Zman Dutchmer says:


Hem Popo says:

Hey I have a question for everyone out there. Coming from Nexus Line, if I buy Supreme EE width, do I have to size down ?
9.5 EE is a bit wide in Nexus, I’d like to try the Supreme Line.
Thanks a lot

J27 says:

< SuperTacks

Michal Sokol says:

i really would like to get supreme 2s skates .. but i have one important question .. i am so affraid to invest so much money for those skates bc of that tendon guard .. it doesnt seem like it will last for a few years .. does it brake?

John Capone says:

supreme 2s pro or ccm super tacks 2018? both seem to fit me the same out the box.

Paynan Diaz says:

I have the 1S and I don’t like them anymore. When they’re brand new? You won’t find a better pair of skates to use but due to all the lighter materials they are falling apart quickly (inside lining is all shredded up, injected eyelets are trash, one cracked and no local hockey shops know how to fix them so you have to send them away to pro skate repair guys). Glad they rebuilt the speed plate, those were garbage. Like Chase said, they crack (mine both cracked probably after a few months). You’re better off just getting carbon Super Feet

Brett Jones says:

Hey chase, this isn’t really a skates question but this is your most recent video. I was wondering what helmet you would recommend, the Re-Akt or the Re-Akt 75. I noticed that the Re-Akt is more expensive so I was confused on why an older helmet would be more expensive. Does the original offer more protection? Money isn’t the problem, I just need a maroon helmet for high school and was wondering which one you would recommend or if they’re about the same. Thanks

C Fiddler Art says:

Haven’t played hockey in years, but I still love watching these skate reviews.
Great video guys!!!

Fasteal says:

What is better 1x s17 or 2s Pro?)

Chris S says:

Chase , not sure if you were a long time 1s skate user , but currently in 1s’ & wondering if these are worth the upgrade ? are they noticeably lighter/more agile & explosive ?

Caden The Hockey Guy says:

are these offset on the ankles like the 1x 3017 skates

Elite Gaming says:

I must ask, why review $1000 skates when half the people here can barely afford $500 skates once a year

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