Bauer Supreme 1S vs 2S Pro Hockey Skates REAL detailed Review

What is the difference between the Bauer Supreme 1S vS 2S Pro Hockey Skates. We answer that in this new video! (U.K Players buy here 2S Pro Skates 1S Skates

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Terrible Tomyom says:

I was hoping you would make this video, I love all your content if you could do a review on the new 2n pro stick that would be great, thanks again

Horvat. 53 says:

Next do the nexus 2n vs 1n

Jake Holder-Talbot says:

Great video, but I’ll stick with my ribcor 46k skates 😉

Alexander Shaer says:

250th view ayyy

Keegan Cooper vids says:

Can you guys Do a CCM Tacks 310 helmet vers the CCM Tacks 710
helmet cause I want too peirchead one

hockeyguy661 says:

Bruh, you expect Bauer to just snap their fingers and have years worth of R&D and machinery to mass produce a one-piece skate.

Alan Colling says:

Best skate review and comparison I’ve seen on YouTube. New subscriber!

Delfin says:

Hey, Chris. I have been having some trouble with falling, sliding, and having to wait till I stop sliding to be able to pick myself up. It’s my greatest weakness and problem while playing hockey at the moment and I can’t find any videos on how to do it. Could you possibly do a video about how to get up quickly while sliding? That would be really great. Thanks.

dwipdub says:

Love that intro, btw notification squad

Kicksac 9 says:

That intro was the best intro in the whole entire YouTube history
and by the way awesome vid

Brad Buchanan says:

I’ve had both of those skates and I’ve had ignite pros and there’s no difference

Julian Ortiz says:

Hello Chris, another great video. From your experience which skate is wider between these two?

Tyler Dowd says:

Tried the 2S Pros on a few months ago before they were released in stores and the quality of them is insane

Aaron Sedlis says:

I never used the tung on the 1s but It sounds amazing and something I would like. is it similar on the 2s? is it customizable

Jason Domitrovic says:

Nice video Bud. I have 4 pairs of the Bauer Supreme 1S skates. What I like about this skate is the comfort of the interior of the boot, the support and stiffness of the boot, the comfort edges around the neck, the 37.5material inside, the Lightspeed Edge trigger holder, the tendon guards (my favorite tendon guards ever), and the look of the skate overall. What I find that needs improvement is the tongue of the skate. The insert is too flat and causes the tongue to move left or right on the front of your ankle. The idea to allow for customization is good but the inserts should not be so flat and should have been more contoured to fit the shape of the ankle. On the inside of the tongue there is a black/yellow section down the middle with 37.5 material but I would prefer the standard felt on this area instead because the smoothness seems to allow the tongue to slide a bit thus causing too much foot movement and some irritation when skating for longer periods of time. I think a good solution for the tongue inserts is to design new ones that could be available to purchase that fit right into the same slot but are shaped a bit differently to allow to wrap the ankle better. I tried to improve mine by drilling holes into them at different locations and getting them to flex vertically to allow ankle wrap and not just forward flop. Overall I think the Supreme 1S is a quality skate. I recently tried on the NEW 2S Pro skates and I like the changes that were made especially to the interior of the tongue. The exterior of the tongue is where I have questions but I cannot give a review on it until I skate them and fully put them to the test, however just standing on them and walking around with them I did not have anything negative to say. Special note is that I have the Supreme 1S skates set up for Ice Hockey, a set for Roller Hockey, a set for Marsblade training blades and a set waiting to test out the NEW Marsblade Ice Holders which I am excited to skate. Let me know if you have any questions and I am helping to help you find the best skates for your hockey game. Hockey player and product enthusiast.

Paynan Diaz says:

I’ve had the 1S the past couple seasons and while it’s a great skate, I don’t think I’ll get the new one. The injected eyelets are a piss poor idea, they crack and you can’t just go to your LHS to repair them like you could for a skate with normal eyelets. There’s a lot more work to fixing them so you have to send them to someone who does it. I love the tendon guard and the way it bakes perfectly to your foot on the inside of the boot, just have to replace those Speed Plates with Carbon Super Feet.

Miguel H says:

When is Bauer Vapor 2x coming out ? Any info on the Internet ?

Oce LoL says:

How would you compare the new LS5 Steel vs Step Steel Black? Apart from the LS5 being made in China I think? And Step Steel Black in Canada.

Jimmy Jimz says:

would it be better if ccm would put there d3o foam inside skates for protection from shots to the feet
Great video btw as usual

declanwizard 16 says:

First dislike

Chris Hayes says:

big big fan of my NEXUS n9000. deffs wont be changing them for a long time 🙂

Sydney ICE Freestylers says:

Great video, very helpful hopefully Bauer will come out with a replacement for the 1X & could you do s review for the new Model & comparisons.

Andrew Parise says:

Looks like CCM is still better. all they really did here is add the carbon blade

botpixel says:

giving the video a like immediately because of that intro

Kayde Gaming says:

Great video Chris!! Was wondering if you’ve ever used toe box inserts in your skates and if you have did you like them?

Alexei Ponikarovsky says:

Bauer is a scam

leprakonman says:

Who are these animals that give your videos a thumbs down!?!?!

Manuel Ryan Rivera says:

Hey Chris, would you be able to do a review on Bauer’s mybauer custom skates?

Benderville Benders says:

Great video

Michael Pappas says:

Very detailed. Thanks!

Squiggly Walrus says:

First view?

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