Bauer Supreme 1S Skate On-Ice Review

The boys from IW Hockey review the Bauer 1S Skates available at

Bauer Supreme 1S Skates showcases Bauer’s best and highest performing technologies and materials. After many years of research and design, the 1S features new C-Flex Technology in the tendon guard that provides some of the best range of motion on market, which also can be customized to a player’s personal preference.


Jack HAMMER says:

Is this an additional step above the mx3 or does it replace them? Any idea on price yet?

Joseph Bene says:

I’m wondering what skates to get. I have Ccm RBZ 80s and like the way they fit but they’re falling apart. It’s between last years Supreme 190s and the Ccm JETSPEED 280 skates

Tyler Silverstein says:

I used the 1x skates this season but I felt pain on the sides of my foot and I tried the mx3s at my local hockey store they felt really comfortable. Should I stay with 1xs or go to the 1s

McNugget Butts says:

I want the od1n’s to come out so bad

LeafsHockey17 says:

Hey chase. I use all top of the line sticks and now whenever I try to shoot with a stick that isn’t top of the line there is a huge difference. Is it the same for skates because I’m thinking about getting 1s skates but they are so expensive and I feel like there won’t be a huge difference between top if the line and not top of the line skates. Is there a big difference in skates between top of the line and lower in the line skates?

your average vault hunter says:

ccm jetspeeds or bauer supreme 1s? Price is no issue because my team is being provided with which ever pair the player wants. I currently own the ccm jetspeed 280s

Enavgrabbarna says:

They sound amazing! Tbh i like the mx3 look over theis. What do you guys think?

Mr. B says:

hey what is up with the new tongue design? I just bought the MX3’s and love the tongue design. I’m a tongues in guy and my shins fit perfectly over the MX3 tongue. I prefer the low profile tongue to the massive one on the graf ultra g3’s I had. BTW I’m not experiencing any lace bite or pain.

Also any mention of the supposed composite/titanium boot for reduced weight? I was told there was titanium in it for added strength and reduced weight. Reason I ask is 4 games in I took a slapper off the inside ankle on my right foot and the puck left a dent in my MX3’s. A dent obvious over the slight indentation on the boot itself. I’m really hoping my second pair don’t have this issue. Pretty hard shot tho.. but still should an $850 CAD skate dent on a slap shot?

Mr. B says:

Do not buy skates online UNLESS you’ve been fitted first. One of the most important factors of a skate purchase is finding the pair that fits your feet. The one thing Ice Warehouse should be telling you is try the skate on in your size to see if it fits your foot. I understand the sell on features and benefits.. but you have to mention fitting is important.

CandC Videos says:

how funny would it be if he randomly droped the skate by accident

Emil phillipsen says:

damn those are sick. Would it be worth it going out there and getting $900 for these, even though i have the reebok RibCor (top end) skates? i assumes these are one hell of an upgrade, and the supreme line of skates fits me like a glove

ykpoon88 says:

Hi chase,I was thinking of either the super tacks or the 1s.Which would u say its stiffer and lighter?thanks

M Cee says:

I have had Supreme S160 in a D (size 7) for over 100hrs on ice and I still have pain in my midfoot even when tying them pretty loose (forefoot is a little spacey), do you suggest I move out of the supreme line (e.g Tacks or Nexus) or move up in width?

Canadiansnipers993 says:

I’m finding that the mid stiffness in the tongue is super stiff should I take it out? Will it ruin the performance?

gavin davies says:

is there much quality difference between this skate and the mx3 as i can get that half the price but how much am i compramising with having the mx3

Eyeskel Davison says:

Folded my S180 skates in the 2 first weeks i had them. Gonna refund them and see if the 1S dosnt fold

Robert Wagner says:

good day, I had purchased the 1x in an EE which equated to a larger heel pocket too. I’ve been a life long supreme guy (but couldn’t pass up the price on my 1x skates); is there any way to compress the heel of the 1Xs to “kind-of” replicate the supreme heel?

Ben Cross says:


Johnny Kwon says:

When will nexus 1n will come out I need it to come this summer

Alex etheridge says:

What’s the weight of these skates?

JustGiveMeThePuck says:

Will they’re be any significant differences from the mx3’s? which I really love!

Hockey Enthusiast007 says:

Quick question. Does Supreme and Nexus line offer the same aggressive pitch as the Vapor line? Been skating in vapors for a while now, switched to Jetspeeds, felt like I was on my heels all the time. Terrible. And the boot was very low cut too

Nate Elliott says:

Hey chase should I go with the MX3 skates or S180??

flyers10az says:

How did you find fit compared to Jetspeeds? And does 1s feel little snugger due to the new tongue?

champ04 says:

Will “Easton/Bauer/PSG” stop making Mako skates..?
If yes, what would be the most similar skate in terms of agility, mobility and skating stride?
The skate would preferably be a low-medium volume fit with enough heel lock to secure a narrow heel.
Would 1S be the best alternative?

liam doyle says:

hey beauties i got 50k skates and i wanna get some light speed holders on them im a size 7 ccm skate what size holder should i get

John Capone says:

these or ccm super tacks for a more narrow width foot?

william weyermann says:

Hey, is it possible to get the 1X skate tongue in these skates?i much prefer the thickness and the feel

The EmmyG says:

Do you think the plastic guard will ever get you off balance because of its “lack” of “support”? I don’t know whether to get these or the 1x skates

KOSAtm says:

Looks to me like they just transfered tendon guard and tongue c-flex insertion to 1X. Which may not be a bad thing. I`m happy with 1X as they fit me the most.

Samuel _lovehockey88 says:

How’s the heal lock compared to the apx2 or the jetspeed

Ben Cross says:

I like the Supreme but I find they are hard to work in

Collin McCormack says:

Are the “stiff” inserts supposed to come with the skates? Mine didn’t have them!

MirielTheMage says:

I heard rumor that this year’s supreme is slightly less voluminous than last year’s. Can you confirm if this is true? I’m right at the upper limit in a 7.5EE MX3 and may have to wait on the 1Ns if the Supreme fit has changed. Thanks.

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