Bauer Supreme 1S Hockey Skate vs MX3 Skates Review

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What has Bauer changed in the new Supreme 1S when we compare them to the previous MX3? Let’s find out together in this detailed review. Hockeytutorial custom jerseys –

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money makin' mitch says:

I remember I had Bauer hockey skates, I left them at a friends house and he sold them for drugs.

Michael Morascyzk says:

great video. just wondered if you know if they changed the fit at all. I have heard the new ones are a little wider. Do you know if that is true?

Clorox says:

is the mx3 skates still good to get if you dont have the money for the 1s’s

Danny Archumbolt says:

I don’t know if the new 1s skates are better than MX3’S. Sorry I can’t help you choose with that, but I have the MX3 skates, and this is what I did. I switched the LS Fusion to LS4 steel, and switched the Form Fit skate bed to the new Bauer Speed Plate. Essentially it’s an upgraded pair of MX3’S. It’s now like lighting a cigarette with a blow torch! Amazing difference, and highly recommend if you have MX3 skates. You will be able to save a few hundred dollars by doing this. Good luck ladies and gentlemen.

Levin Meier says:

how heavy is the 1s skate?



msanna4 says:

Hey Chris, great video. I have to change the blades and the holder of my skates. But the price at the pro shop are higher than on the internet. So I’d like to know how to buy the right holder and blades for my skates so I can save a bit on the price. I don’t know if there are sizes or other things to consider.

A bit about the skates: I’m wearing junior 5.5 and I use the ccm tacks skates (bought them 2 years ago).

Ashlay MacIssac says:

Aluminum/steel mix?! They’re going to get dull quickly, require sharpening more offer and also, wear down faster because aluminum is not as hard a metal. Try taking a grinding wheel to aluminum and see what happens.

Mitch Beauchamp says:

There is no real dramatic change to the skates. I like going back to the old style tongue with the new liner, that is really cool and looks alot more comfortable. The tongue on the MX3’s were not my preference and not very comfortable, however they are alot less bulky than the new 1S tongue looks.. maybe next year they can try to bridge the two designs

Nate Nakao says:

The black backdrop is really sleek. Love it.

Quick question: how’s the fit on this skate? I have a pretty wide foot, so I’m in the market for a wider fitting boot.

Fresh! says:

can you send me 1s’s size 6D pls 🙂

Mr. Clean says:

Black backround

Diego Kazanietz says:

Do Nexus 8000 vs Nexus 1N

fantastopotomus says:

Please do a vid for the CCM 50k Pump skate!!

Silverlaw80 says:

Is the fit/width of the heel and toe box the same in the 1S and the MX3? Also, if so, do they fit the same as the S190s? Thank you.

Hockey hjc says:

i have the 1s and there amazing

Melvon Wilcox says:

can you make a video.. about regular skates vs hockey skates

gstarsk8star says:

contemplating a 1s. great video. only put off is the interchangeable tongue stiffness. will this degrade quicker over time that a normal apx tongue ?

Ryan Liddle says:

great video as always. 1s are a much better skate for two reasons the tendon guard is much more flexible and the ls4 is the best blade

Trine Worup says:


I have a pair of Vapor X400 and are now suffering from “cuttings” on top of my food, right were it bends.
What would your adwice be to me?

Best regards

Adam Wesselink says:

And the mx3’s

Jaden B says:

I’m 13 and I really want to play goalie.. but I’m scared it is really painfull getting hit in the head. keep in mind I just started playeing.. any tips

Isaac Davison says:

I caused the quater package to fold on my s180 skates. Would the 1s’s be able to hold up better? Yes I tie my skates tight and I look after them

New Channel: GreenOnGod says:

im staying with my Mx3 i just like it more it feels nicer for me

Евгения says:

I was really impressed how these skates are hi-tech. I’m not hockey player at all, only sometimes play for fun at the rink near my home. But you describe these bauers so tasty that i start to chew up if i need to buy them immediately 😉

Barry McAully says:

Can you flop these new tongues?

hockeyguy661 says:

Curv ankle support is only on the 1X skate, not on the 1S or 1N. Good vid though

danielj abramov says:

Hi I would like to ask you for a help I’m a beginner and I wanna buy the a least stiff hockey skates so basically I want them to be really soft,I don’t have an apportunity to go to hockey store as I can only get them online would you please recommend me a brand of skates please that will be appropriate for beginner and won’t we that expensive? Thanks

Ashlay MacIssac says:

If you’re planning to spend THIS kind of money, why not get VH custom made skates?

Kassius Kler says:

also 1s skates are very expensive, is there a huge diffrence between s190 and 1s?

AcTiv Pantha Frantz says:

I’m not sure wether to get the 1s or the ribcore 50k because I can’t get the 70k in Australia

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