Are Cheap Hockey Skates Good Enough?

My skates are …. CHEAP!

Yup, these are the skates I’ve used all winter. And to be honest .. they are okay. But there are also some things about them that I don’t like.

#1 They are SOFT

Beginners may want soft skates, as they allow bending and flexing more. But as you progress, you’d want stiffer skates.

These skates are really soft, and I do feel them twisting a bit when I sprint, make sharp turns and hard stops. It’s not the end of the world. Whatever I try to do, I can still acheive, but if I did play serious hockey they would have been too slow.

#2 Few Eyelets

These skates only have seven eveyelts on each side. Typically hockey skates have nine to eleven. Since my skates have few eyelets, it’s difficult to lace them to a real snugh tight fit.

#3 Unwaxed Laces

The original laces are unwaxed. I replaced them with waxed ones, which helps. It only cost me about $5 so it’s a really cheap and effective upgrade.

#4 Heavy

These skates weigh 1150 grams each. That’s very heavy for ice hockey skates. Hockey skates are normally somewhere around 700 to 800 grams. For me this does not really matter though. I’m used to inline skates that are a lot heavier.

#5 Cheap Steel

I don’t know what steel they used, but a fair guess is that it’s very cheap. And I do notice they get dull rather quickly, however this is also due to the kind of ice I skate on. Anyway, my point is that if cheap skates come with cheap steel, and they do need to be sharpened more often, this will make them more expensive to maintain.

Final Verdict

These skates are good enough for me since I only skate for fun. Still, if I had to buy new skates today, I’d anyway go a little bit up in price.

I’d buy a stiffer skate with at least nine eyelets.

A beginner may be better off with very soft skates though.

A serious hockey player, of course, will need a lot better skates. For example, these skates are very heavy compared to more expensive skates. For me it doesn’t matter, as I only play pond hockey.


primiseful says:

hey I need a hockey stick and gloves how can get cheap one’s

Ryan Kleiner says:

This dude sucks at skating why is he doing tutorials lmfao

BELAL Mansour says:

I am a beginner and I want cheap skates

george Madilin says:

Hes such a bender

360Delta says:

I got Vapor x60s for 25 bucks that had waxed laces and were already broken in, Good deal?

Chicago Skater says:

I wen’t from supreme 140’s to vapor 1x’s within a year. The difference was huge. The 140’s were heavy and the holder felt cheap, the steel didn’t hold an edge long. I didn’t trust it. The boot was also soft asf. My 1x’s have been perfect. I rarely ever have to sharpen them. And they take hits well.

Suola22 says:

My skates costed 5€

superiuxn0va says:

i am a beginner and i want that frozen ice lake outside my house

LPToday says:

i wanna be honest, ur opinion on this is kind of irrelevant as youre terrible on ice…

Samuel Putter says:

I got CCM Jetspeeds for $60

Bike RaceGamer says:

Those are goalie skates dumb retard

Harith Ikhwan says:

how do you crossover?

linty zeus says:

Use bauer supreme idk wut but its looks like ur skates but they are god i am a goalie and i use reebok elite skates

krabz says:

All skates come with unwaxed laces.

Larry Harris says:

My first pair of skates cost $14 used! They worked very well for just casual skating and before I decided to commit to spending $300. I think buying cheap at first, then upgrading is smart – lots of people will give up, so spending too much is a false economy! I enjoy your videos immensely, thank you for posting.

ChernoAlpha 1300 says:

Do you live in canada?

Cosmic eggs says:

Can a beginner use stiffer skates instead of soft ones though?

jkb says:

Someone knows where I can buy that pants he always wears in his videos

Ender * says:

Change the steel. That will make it not be dull as quick

Alex_IsTheName says:

Where did u buy them?

Larry Harris says:

In addition to the waxed laces, you might want to try and overlace them – that is go down through the top and out the bottom of the eyelet. As you tighten, it will cinch down on top of the lace exiting the bottom. The downside is the skates are much harder to loosen when you take them off!

BELAL Mansour says:

where did you get them from

SkellY LV says:

Taa ir Daugava kur tu slido?

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