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Breaking in brand new figure skates can be a very frustrating and painful process. There were points in my skating career where I hated getting new skates because that meant getting blisters, losing my jumps, and having a hard time finding my center for spins. Thus, I’m super eager to share my Top 8 tips on how to best break in your brand new skates to make it a fun and enjoyable process!

1. Massage Feet
2. Lace to the Top
3. Adjust Laces
4. Edge Excercises
5. Readjust Skates
6. Check Landings + Go Thru Jumps
7. Find Center + Time to Spin
8. Have Fun!

I hope you found this video helpful! Let me know in the comment section below what skates you’re wearing. Do you find breaking in new figure skates a fun or tedious process?


Skating Love,
Coach Michelle Hong

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Avalerie 696 says:

I don’t know how you skated so gracefully in new skates. I just tried my new skates today and I was slipping and sliding everywhere (it’s my first pair of skates).

AGarcia1995 says:

I just got new ice skates, I was using the wrong skates that were too big and too soft for my feet. The problem now is that on my right foot I can’t seem to find the center of the blade unless I’m on the outside part of my foot and sickling, otherwise I’m constantly skating on my inside edge. Is this a blade alignment problem or do I need custom insoles?

Bella M says:

I want to get skates but what is good brand or what’s the best skates to buy?

Alexandria Peralta says:

What should you do if your skates aren’t properly mounted?

lilabetann says:

I’m so sad because I just got some Gam’s and I’m trying not to panic. They’re more boot than I’m used to. Heavier. Lots of padding. And it feels like I can’t cinch them down enough to hold my foot in place. For the first time ever my heel is nice and secure, but I feel like I’m getting a vertical lift out of my boot ever time I try to do anything, even a cross over– it feels like walking around in an unlaced sneaker one size too big. The woman in the shop was incredibly attentive and knowledgeable so I’m trying to just have confidence that once I soften the leather I’ll be able to get them tight enough but for now it’s just sheer panic. I’ll say one thing, though, this is also the first time I felt what it’s like to have blades that are aligned… It feels so secure and stable and like such a relief not to have to compensate. So– what do I do about the boot? Just more time? I’m about to put them under an electric blanket and sit on them.

misscrafty says:

Right now I have Riedell Edge skates and I’m getting Riedell Flair for Christmas!

ABJKLMRS Akagami Ali says:

I honestly don’t think you need to break in your first pair of skates. I tried breaking them in and they were completely broken down after only like 10-12 hours of skating

FukDa Wrld says:

Omg 666 likes

Stephanie T says:

Do you recommend wearing skates off ice to break them in? Like walking around the house with Rockerz on? Or is that not good for the blades?

Extra Channel I Dont Need says:

Hello! I was wondering if I could bring my skates by hand, I have a budget and I don’t know if that was possible. If you have any tips in what or how to bring my skates I would appreciate that! They are my first ever pair of skates.

I really like your videos! I’ll keep watching and if you didn’t could you make videos on how to do tricks for beginners?

Stephanie Maldonado says:

You are amazing i wanna learn but i domt now if im late for that

Alexändria Harrison says:

I’m currently in Jackson Elle’s but our Edea expert at my rink is ordering my Edea Chorus on Monday! I’m so excited to get them and break them in! Thank you for the video!

Payton Bannerman says:

I wear Edea ice flys

veryPORJAIchannel says:

Edea churus. I’m from thailand

its.sophia says:

I can do all my jumps up to the axel but my boots are for basic moves and not jumps but they aren’t that broken in should I get new boots anyways for extra support?

Jon Gover says:

Hi I want to wear white skates. Can I?

Jasmine Sun says:

Thank you so much! I just ordered new skates today (Risport RF-1 Elites – so stiff oh man) Now I just have to wait for my blades to arrive and get mounted!

Victoria Larsen says:

I have Edea!

Emma G says:

Wear your skates at home with guards on and walk around and just wear them a lot so when you go skate it’s easier to break them in.

Ryan Jacobsen - Veteran Realtor | Arbitrator | Mediator | Notary in Houston says:

I super appreciate you showing the exercises as well.

mccreamy says:

my new skates came in today and I’m glad I found this video to help a fresh beginner like me, thank you for this!

••APPOLO••NICOLE•• Nicole Maidison Chia says:

I wear the Edea ice fly

Sweet Momma Diaries says:

So I have a question I got some new skates after having my old ones for years. I seriously feel like a beginner in these skates I literally can’t do any tricks in these I can barley turn to skate backwards without almost falling. Tried to do some spins but no way. What the heck literally in the same day went from teaching other friends to skate busted the old skate so purchased these got back on the ice and the. I looked like I couldn’t skate. What the heck is wrong please help.

Skater Girl says:

For anyone who knows, would this apply also to people who just bought their first pair of skates? That may be a dumb question, but I just wanna make sure

Kashika Pride says:


JoAnne Denison says:

so, if I get those skates, then can I do salchows, cross overs and axels and jumps? I’ve been struggling. I’m 62 and just learning to skate. been skating for a year with a coach and still struggling to get into free skate. ay suggestions for the over 60 crowd? what skates are best for us?

Elena Wellington says:

I’m getting new skates soon, huge help, thank you!

jen W says:

I bought Edea Ice Fly two months ago. Hate is an understatement! Im just not happy with the ankle feeling so loose with the synthetic skate. I’ve heard you will either love them or hate them. Unfortunately, I hate mine. I’m trading them in tomorrow for a leather boot. Either Sp Terri or Riedell.

stargaaze says:

this video is such a lifesaver as i got my new skates today. i also had to get my blades sharpened, but now i’m struggling to even do a snowplough stop. do you have any tips for getting used to sharper blades quicker?

E Vali says:

How tight are they meant to be? Apparently I never broke in my skates (have them for a year now) and my coach tied them up so much my foot was dead after 15 min. Is this how it’s meant to be?

Ember Wolf says:

I got my first pair of skates the same day I had a lesson, i wasnt used to the sharp blade and toe picks and went flying lol

Lynn Neuberger says:

Thank you!!! I loved watching your jumps in fast motion. I just bought Ridell Fusion boots and Eclipse Aurora Blades. This is my fourth pair of Riedells!!!

HorizonWalker491 says:

just got jackson artiste, theyre really stiff but hopefully after breaking them in itll be good

Emma And Alanna says:

I just got new skates! I got the Jackson excels, there amazing!

Rob Ma says:


Asuna Uchiha says:

I wear Risport antares and a MK double star blade I bought them yesterday

Rtt Jr says:

I just have normal Riedell skates I think I’m spelling that right lol

Vivi Grob says:


Janet Slater says:

I just got a new pair of Jackson Premieres today. Do you have a recommended time frame of when one can start doing jumps and spins? According to my skate technician (“Mr.Edge” in the Chicago area), he says the first hour should be on crossovers and stroking, the second hour or so can start incorporating moves/basic turns, third hour on spins, then fourth hour on single rotation jumps (and later hours on doubles on up). Of course, this may vary some from person to person, but I am curious on what you recommend.

name last name says:

*ice princess flashbacks intensifies*

need me’self some 욘기 says:

Lmao I just got a pair of riedell sapphires and I’m screwing up everything lol but this vid is vvvv helpful thank youuuu

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