5 Things All hockey players should know about skates before buying

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5 things all hockey players should know about hockey skates before buying. Get your skates – http://www.pjatr.com/t/TUJGRU5KSkJGS05LS0hCRklGRUdN?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.hockeymonkey.com%2Fequipment%2Fhockey-skates%2Fice-hockey-skates-senior.html

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Cheap skates vs expensive skates – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD3BkGSij0s

Size feet from home (super old video) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTSD7KnoxgU&t=2s

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Maxime Brault says:

Pkease do a video avout the custom skate

Ronnie Ron says:

Excellent Video.

club dore says:

Thanks, afther 47 years i untherstand why my fore foot was hurting lol.

xTheNameisEthan says:

Last time i got new skates about 5 years ago they told me i was a EE but my feet don’t seem that wide lol, well the skates seemed to fit i was a pretty big fan of the Reebok 6ks so maybe my foot is wide af lol

Eazy Traps says:

Do a video on that

Timothy Doyle says:

I would love to see a true skate video. Thanks


hi i have a probleme i bought the bauer x300 and when im on the ice they slide too much on the ice i cant do hockey stop and stuff like this. and they were freshly sharpen if someone can explain me that will be great. good video

Hockey Life says:

Very great video, helped me a lot

Chris Tha Distriyer says:

i need bauer vapors

George Louis says:

This is VERY important information and I would like to thank you for taking the time. But your accent really ruins it. Can you please learn to speak with a Holywood accent?

Mason’s Sports channel says:

Thank you

David Mandziuk says:

Really good breakdown of types, glad I got the Ribcor..

Jason Huang says:

As a 15 year old growing teen and looking to play in a summer hockey league, do ou think it will be sensible to buy skates now?

Garrett Marchant says:

What about the mars blade skate

Jonathan Morciglio says:

Great information. You definitely saved someone lots of money. Love your videos and hope they continue.

Meg Dillon says:

I want to get a pair of hockey skates, but to go on the ice for fun not for sport. So at least whenever I can each month to go on the ice. Cccm might be a better choice for me? Im not so sure yet haha

Skate says:

I used to skate with figure skating shoe but this week I bought a pair of bauer s180. I took them out on the ice today and the first thing i noticed when i skate faster on the ice i hear a terrible crackling noise that i never heard of when i figure skate. It also felt like I was going over a bunch of tiny bumps on the ice. I had them sharpened at the store. What exactly could the problem be? any advice helps.

clement tran duy says:

Hi, i tried ccm tacks 1052 and the forefoot hit me very hard. I wanna buy a skate beacause i go frequently on the ice ( im not bad btw) and i want to know what can i buy with 150 euros. Thk for the answer , you are great

Arkadiusz Zylkiewicz says:

Have a pair of 1x vapors…comparing them to my vapor 10s not a real fan…might try Supremes next

Brad Pendleton says:

Most online stores accept online returns or returns to stores if they have a brick and mortar store. Being in Columbus, we have only 1 hockey store other than the standard sporting stores. Shocking with an NHL team, honestly to me. I’m looking to get into playing hockey but the store prices are well over the budget that I have in mind. Looking at staying under $70 I’ve found the CCM Super Tacks and CCM Jetspeed. But after watching this video I think it eliminated the Jetspeed because I do have a wider ball of the foot area. Any thoughts if you still come to this video??

Nah Bra says:

Very well done video. I am just getting back into hockey and planning to go buy some skates at the store tomorrow. First time playing on ice!

Joseph Mehrannia says:

Do a video about the true hockey skate

invisibleducks1 says:

would love to see a video on custom skates

Tobin Kern says:

Very helpful. I am needing to replace my 2010 Eastons here shortly and this will be a great help when I walk into the store.

The Furious 5 says:

I have the bauer 1x (older vesion), and it fit me quite perfectly, but I want to switch to the ccm ribcore 70k because it offers more forward flexion. However, I am a bit worried that the forefoot of the 70k skates would be too narrow. Any suggestions?

gurtana says:

Very informative video, clearly explained – thank you. Do you work at a skate store in England? And if you do not, do you know any hockey/ice skate stores in the London/South East area that you would recommend visiting for good customer care? Thanks, again!

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