You Will Want This New Electric Skateboard

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Lou Electric Skateboard –

Had some fun on this one. Here’s a new take on the electric skateboard… The Lou is much smaller / lighter than other electric skateboards on the market. I think this form-factor will be quite popular. Would you guys go for the Lou over a boosted board?

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shawin shiv says:

The crash video kinda makes me not want this

Asian Creations says:


900 says:

If your open minded listen to MY SONG

Dushyant Deshwal says:

I can ride lew even if its rainy.

Mister Nobody says:


Jordon Harrison says:

I pissed myself after watching this. Hilarious!

GadgetGuideUSA says:

Seems WAY overpriced compared to other E-skateboards on the market.

AT $400, I’d rather have a longboard (MANY available).

Doesn’t seem to offer much (or any) value at that price point.

Kyle Sager says:

You should test it going up steep hills in my opinion that is the only appeal of an electric skateboard.

Ultimate Drago490 says:

I prefer Lou

Fr1so says:

1:29 that rap

Ayo Carl says:

It’s about 250-300 dollars, pretty good

John Rivs says:

The Lou 1.0 (cheapest one) can be pre-ordered for $449 (shipping not included).

cakewithsomesprinkle says:

Omg, where do you live? That trail is beautiful and there’s no people !

Alienrace says:

Fun fact! Lew means lion in Polish.

Tadeo Gil says:

Sorry, Lew.

Max Power says:

It’s easy to understand that the smaller, lighter electric boards are shorter on range, torque, & speed while the heavier, larger ones provide more battery capacity with bigger processing units, larger motors, trucks, and wheels for faster top speeds and distance. Give and take.

Marvi Marv says:

Awesome review. I think I may actually get on of these boards.

Marcel Hernandez says:

I just went on the kickstarter and they only have the ones that are 440 and not $270. Does anybody know when theyll be back in stock or when theyll release it or what is life? Or why am i prolonging this simple question???? Thanks 🙂

Robin L says:

Omg its been FOREVER

DanTheMan007 says:

Lew you should review a boosted board

Angel Rodriguez says:

I remember three years ago when Lew used to be boring asf and he had no sense of humor


What are the wheels made of

karel oloan says:

I want this so badly:’-(

Caudex says:

If the whole thing is in the wheels, could I change out the deck or the trucks for other ones?


this is when you fell right

Prashantth Sutrave says:

hi luke!

Android Tutorials says:

lew, jew. coincidence?

Sadra role says:

lew on lou

Jesus says:

ok lou

Amer Siraz says:

I would rather sit on this and ride

Lean Cup says:

ALSO: you cant carry longboards on a backpack, but you definitely can now with this

Gerbu 69 says:

Tom’s electric skateboard looks good, what is that board ?

Eman Al-Ansari says:

where can i find the music in the background?

Arthur G says:

Reverse kingpin trucks***

Transit Now App says:

how much do you weight?

Chad says:

I always thought you looked more like a Joe

Brangiai Prabangiai says:

4.13 soundtrack name plz !

Sabīne Mitkus says:

a longboard would be safer

Niccolo' Seilo says:

Hey Lew

Dushyant Deshwal says:

Lou is cool.

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