Yeeplay Electric Skateboard | Another cheap option?

Another budget board option. There are so many choices out there but it really comes down to personal preference and how much you are willing to spend. Buying an electric skateboard is similar to buying a car tho… you get what you pay for. Sorry for the last minute correction.

Check out the Yeeplay site here – code:”YPTS” for $10 off your purchase

Koowheel video –

Meepo Video –

Wowgo Video –

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Ante A says:

What max speeds on the different settings?

Skyler Cooper says:

Hey man personally whats your favorite one to ride

Anti Petrolhead says:

I noticed that you haven’t learned out to recoup the energy back.

Bryson Rose says:

Review the Blitzart Huracane! I believe it’s in the same arena as the Meepo And WowGo

Logan N says:

Ok so I’m going to purchase my first electric longboard, I am looking for a board with 16+ mph top speed and accelerate really fast like boosted dual+ fast. And I don’t want to spend more than 500, what board would you recommend (

Charles Simeon says:

Am getting mine soon

Andrius Knystautas says:

@Talon Sei, try out Google Fit for tracking your activities. You can choose what activities or any kind of sport you’re doing

Itzmehdi says:

Hey talon! Should i buy this board or buy the meepo?


About to order this, what is the shipping time like, for the US?

Satsa Mardoza says:

koowheel price tag in malaysia is rm4369 thats more than 2 month salary. fml i can never get an electric skateboard

Samuel Romans says:

Shits 400 now for the lowest one

Logun Singh says:

What is the age for the yeeplay electric skateboard m2s

ThumbsUpMan says:

heck these boards are very simple and cheap to make. all these companies are ripping you off with the price they charge.

Anthony Maresca says:

Hey talon, great review. Still leaning towards the meepo just for the longer distance. Have you tried the meepo gt yet though? Waiting on your review of that. Also hearing a lot of complaints about the koowheel board. Do you still feel koowheel better than meepo?

Nikolaos Goutzouris says:

Spadger SS-K02? Thoughts?

Flying Step says:

How about Yeeplay M2S upgrade?

Anti Petrolhead says:

Also you can change your controller if you don’t like the one they supply to you.

Patrick Taylor says:

Any thoughts on the Backfire Ranger X1?

Thomas Champoux says:

Just ordered the SPADGER 2nd Gen king board. 269$ on amazon. X2 350w hub motors, claiming 22mph and distance 22 miles lol we’ll see… anyway it came out in April and there were only 4 reviews but all great things to say. Anyone have experience with it yet?

GSHeverything _27 says:

I just bought m2 for 300

Ballwiz 23 says:

Damn. I got excited when I saw the $250-$300 price point. Then I went to the site and actually selected the options necessary to make it a decent board and inputted my shipping info and the price came out to closer to $500. I get that they have to make money. But they need to be more upfront about that kind of stuff. Otherwise people like me don’t trust them. That, along with this low range, lost them a sale.

Hi I'm Trevor says:

Is anyone’s brakes touchey on their board

The Speakers Society says:

This or wowgo 2s? I never skateboard and this Is my first attempt. I don’t want to spend too much invade I hate it.

DILLIGAF fpv says:

Great review thank you! I drive semi trucks and getting from legal parking to a grocery store can be hell so I’ve been looking into one of these.

Christian Buggati says:

110$ shipping around US… wtf!?

Otto graff says:

Most of these cheap boards fuck you on shipping. The low price point is just bait to get you to look at their board. Check the specs. Then match up to an unbranded board on ebay.

Connor O'Hara says:

My man, got any boards you want to sell to a local South Florida subscriber!? ;D

Robert Pion says:

Basic Chinese model that 10 other companies use and paint their name on it and change it up a bit to not copy cat. The board has 109.00 shipping. So it’s a lie….

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