WowGo 2S | Best budget e-board yet?

Awesome controller, great speed / range / price… is this the best budget board? That is for you to decided!

Check it out here –

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Thatz Razin says:

it is that water tight. rode it after at rained on wet roads for people wondering.

Suraj Gopan says:

Send it to me.

Let’s roll together bro.

Ronan says:


Ichael says:

I’m pretty confident that I want to get the Backfire G2S Galaxy, however, how does this board compare to the G2S? Anything you’ve noticed after your recent tests?

qertyugc says:

Where is this? Looks nice

Danny D79 says:

great video really made me think about my options, keep it up.

juerhe1 says:

….THANKs for your Great Video!!!!!!!!! …so what are your top 5 alternatives to the Boosted Board today??? ….BEST REGARDs FROM BAVARIA!

Anna K says:

When will you do a follow-up review after months of owning and using these boards? Would like to get your feedback on issues and malfunctions after months of usage. Thanks!

Armando Alaniz says:

Is this website you’re suggesting on your description reliable?

Fast_UA says:

I read that as the esc being waterproof. Not everything else.

cassius969 says:

Is there a significant difference to an ownboard?


Boosted in the background looks FAAATT !

Mike West says:

Any boards that will support a 300 pound guy? Seriously

David says:

15% grade is a HUGE hill.

Mine Zhang says:

meepo, wowgo,ownboard and so on…look at these motors, totally the same


Please subscribe to him in my opinion he is the best skateboard reviewer

shane anigans says:

Be careful deck is dangerous!!!! my sons and I where ride down the side walk. We went through a intersection back on to the the side walk. I was first and picked the path because it’s his second ride ever on a board. We where going 10-15 mph. my board and I where fine. He was fine to when his front went up. But then the back truck broke off from the deck as he went up. Crossing him to crash.

brad f says:

Wowgo, yeeplay or Ownboard?

HeyThatsMe _ says:

this is why i love Miami. its beautiful and i just love it. i can ride here without a hill in my way. maybe some day ill meet Talon when i ride in Miami Beach.

Anderson Magyar says:

the esc is water resistant so the board isn’t resistant

Que says:

Hello Talon, how long do the wheels last on these types of boards and are they easily replaceable?

cj West says:

Another great review.. just made it harder for me to decide.. Not a good idea going through the stop sign without stopping.

Bubbas Electrics Our rebuild of the E300s says:

I still think i might go with the backfire i road both and prefere the backfire over meepo. But dont yell meepo they send me free boards.

Sergio C says:

Would this board be good for my 12 year-old son?

Edwin Cheung says:

Just ordered mine. if you are gonna get this heres a pro tip: It’s $419 rn free shipping with a $40 off code. But if you enter your shipping and billing info and leave it there for like 2-3 hours, theyll send you a text with $60 dollars off. so, utilize this

Imran Esmail says:

ive never skated properly but am considering an electric skateboard as a means to just get around faster. Is this wise? should I learn to skate first or is it very newbie friendly?

Jeffrey Daniels says:

This may seem silly, but I would love to know how much weight it will endure as well. I think your very thorough and articulate reviewing these products. And demographically I’m probably outside the usual as a 59 year old man who weighs 250 lbs. But I workout at the gym everyday and roughly walk 5 miles everyday to get to my gym I’m in the market for an electric skateboard to get back and forth.

Daefn Oldin says:

Bought a 2s last week, chose it over the Ownboard and backfire after a few weeks consideration. One thing that sold me over the backfire was the bamboo in the deck to give a bit more flexible. When I recieved it I felt the deck was super stiff. Contacted Wowgo to say it felt much stiffer, like solid maple. They replied and said “yeah it is, we swapped to full maple because of issues with the bamboo mix”. Wtf? Still says on their site that it’s the 7layer maple 1layer bamboo. Also, the ride is super tough on asphalt, be it the deck or combo deck and trucks. Breaking isn’t great, acceleration can be hit and miss. Battery; got the “Sanyo” but it’s not Sanyo, just a cheaper Chinese knock off. Lots more build quality issues and I’m hoping to return the board this week.

Gustave Tremey says:

where did you do this video?

Mark Mumford says:

Great reviews! Really helping me out! Have you ever thought about reviewing the Miles Board Duo? That’s a board that is getting pretty big! Would appreciate that!

Carmedix NC says:

Review is spot on. I got a wowgo 2s recently. It’s been great. I used flex seal covering the whole bottom of the board and rode it through several puddles and in the rain. no issues

eedeekay_fpv says:

hey you said you probably won’t use it much…. I am broke and want one bad so my parents don’t have to drive me everywhere haha. how about you just send it my way? hahaha

Jon Learman says:

i really appreciate the fact your the only one board reviewer not editing like casey

Aaron P says:

Would get a meepo board but they don’t ship to people outside of the U.S

Andy Peterson says:

Wowgo2s or the new Meepo AWD?

jojoplays onyt says:

Seems pretty good he was passing up some of those cars with that board dam its gotta be a pretty fast board

Sparky Monkey says:

5:44 each is speed control

jake turko says:

how long does it take to charge them,and where can u get them in Hamilton,Ontario

Kevin Cortina says:

Maximum rider weight?

funkykristall Productions says:

Wowgo or Backfire?

Scrawny King says:

which bat option

Liam Van Hoye says:

Is this still a good board

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