Worlds Most Powerful Production Electric Skateboard!

We take to the streets of London to test out he worlds most powerful 6000W “Production” Electric Skateboard!

The Metroboard Dual Stealth had been dubbed the worlds most Powerful production Electric Skateboard / Hoverboard!
(Note: we are not considering custom builders or boards that are on pre-orders or kickstarter only full production ready to ship)

We do a speed test, hill climb and range test of the Metroboard Dual all in central London and take it through its paces in this review. Just how fast does the worlds fastest most powerful board go?

How much does this board outperform a Boosted Board or Evolve Bamboo GTX? we find out…


JerJuan Blackman says:

Yes yes yes finally a board with high battery range and durable parts not plastic. But most importantly a board for riders over 200 pounds and is made for commuting. Bye bye expencive public transportation.

LJ Powell says:

The thing looks typically “American”. Horsepower & weight over everything else. Looked very unstable @ speed being so high off the ground. Why call it a Stealth? Its anything but & chunky as fuck. I’ll stick to the smooth, snowboard type feel of my Carbon GT @ 25 kph. When I want speed I jump on my Yamaha R1, it’s built for speed, electric skateboards are not. They’re built for fun. @ 40+ k’s on a skateboard it stops being fun, your just trying to not crash.

Meheraj 7 says:

Best thing I bought! <3 Metroboard

Lennart Nilsen says:

Get two 6384 motors and you’ll have an 8kW board.

Nye Martin says:

Great video and so good to finally see a Metroboard Dual being tested on familiar UK roads. I’d like to see a video of you powering up the steepest hill you can find at full power though.

Ronnie Sarmiento says:

I gotta get my hands on one of those!

MK says:

What drone do you have ???

Flow Mo says:

Power is nothing, without control! Unfortunately it looks pretty ugly too…..

watermarlon says:

Dang the batteries look like a brick, i’ll stick to my gtx anytime

LetsRV says:

Sick board. I see it as a true means of transportation. Not a last mile.

Dorian Velez says:

Please Ive been looking everywhere for that Italian sounding song and I cant find it what’s the name of the song

Colorado Cadi says:

another great video!! I’ve been dying to ride one of these!!!!

bloodystuok says:

i dropped a few dozen hints to santa for this He musta thought id been a bad boy no joy .Will try again for birthday…….well i can dream nice vid on real roads instead of this smoth crap you usually see thanks

Random Stuff says:

Great video, try using straight cuts next time.

jirka merunka says:

One motor in front, one in back? Seriously? so fucking stupid, whoever designed that smokes crack and fucked the whole board up because of that…

si12j12 says:

way too many transitions in the video.

Buzzy Peeper says:

Nice review…curious to see you review the Raptor 2

Daniel Eng says:

eSk8r great review of the Metro Dual Drive watching this sealed the deal for me purchasing this I’m only 63kg and if you hit 25mph I should easily as well.. I optioned to get the 20t drive gear and Ilan at Metro said I would easily hit 27mph but I’m thinking more like 28-30mph.. I’m hoping in the future that Ilan will produce a smaller pulley for the wheel right now it a 36t I truly believe as you do that this board is easily capable of doing 35+mph IMO Metro could take over the market if he made the board faster it already has everyone else beat in range, reliability and power if he had 30+mph board everyone would gladly step up and pay the price for this board no question in my mind! Its a shame to waste all that power and torque especially knowing this board can be so much faster!

Jeremy Bower says:

That remote is the most ugliest thing I have ever seen, the board looks big and bulky and didn’t look to stable in the review.
Great review just looks extremely overrated !

LJ Powell says:

Metroboard Electric Skateboard says:

Note board weighs 11 kg, not the 14.5 kg stated in the video.

Fredo Knows Best says:

Great video my friend. You really did your thing explained it well and you almost got took out by cyclist which was pretty funny. All in all I just subscribed and I’m looking forward to watching some more of your videos.

William Scott says:

Hey I had a question for you in your opinion what is the better board better ride the Metro board or the bamboo GT

Gg Yy says:

Awesome review, best esk8 reviewer!

Nye Martin says:

Can you film yourself powering up Swains Lane in Camden, that would be epic? 🙂

SneakerHead Cris says:

Open the fukn box. I needed something to let both my Huskies pull for exercise. Idk how to ride a board but sure I could figure out the balance part.

2dthoughts says:

I like it
But it’s too boxy and diy looking
And remote looks horrible

Cooter Malloy says:

Great vid! No joke about it being “robust.”

I’m still on the fence about getting this board as a commuter, errand run, beater board… only because of my limited budget.

Do you still own this Board? Any warranty or battery issues? How is everything holding up?

rick lulu says:

Bad design not having 2 motors in the back.

Mike O'Dell says:

I love my Metroboard

Jimmy Shaves_A_Lot says:

Yo those were some awesome Ariel shots from that drone. Good shit

Cláudio A.G.M.Filho MD says:

Hi, I’m from Recife, in Brasil, South America, and I think you’re doing a great job, here with your your YouTube channel, by divulging the electric skate board world, this a very good thing to do, says nobody knows anything about it so far, so I really like your videos. I have two boosted boards that are v2s and dual pluses, I love em, I only buy dual pluses, we don’t have Boosted Boards here in Brasil Just as yet, meaning they are not officially sold here yet, I had to get mine two, through people that brought it into the country for me, from outside of Brasil, unfortunately Brasil is a very retrograde country still.
Anyways keep up the good work…

Ra No says:

She like a ugly girl with whome you like to talk like you know her from childhood.
But man, she is ugly

Typical Tyrese says:

another awesome video shredding through the streets of central London!

Dr. Phil Yamamoto says:

Nice video…. Can you take it on a plane?… thanks.. :)… Have you asked Ian when he’s going to have a phone app for the Metroboard?….

Archee Booking Agent says:

Jack, worth of mentioning that the abec11 wheels on this are the reflex formula, same as the 107!.. I love these wheels.. after 2000 miles on them, still in amazing condition.. MB replaced the soft red gels Chris Chaput from Abec11 made for them but those failed.. so these black wheels are favorite and trusted 97 wheels.. they don’t slide as much, they are not as soft as the green classic formula but amazing wheels

Shehzad Shah says:

Nice video again. When are you doin the Backfire G2 video?

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