MUSIC IN ORDER! (louise)

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Matt Bell says:

Does he just go wherever whenever?

TonyBakerTB says:

There’s speed settings on the remote… lol love ur vids!!!!

michael s says:

only 2/10 of this video is relevant to the title

Jason Chung says:

How did you get the board on the plane? I thought electrics with non-removable batteries were not allowed.

Trends with Trey says:

Have you ever rode it in a video yet

Joe Max Fpv says:

Start has four speed settings. Fourth setting dumps you on your arse. Click the button fast three times if I remember.

Cameron Salvin says:

Amazing Video man! keep it up

Jeremy Garrett says:

You sure you had it in the pro mode?

Joe Rutherford says:

@John Hill , you need to ride that board for a certain amount of distance before you can unlock full speed

Roli says:

Dude.. tripple tap the button on the Stary remote to change the speed mode. You were riding mode 1 there. Warning, don’t ride mode 4!

Ritchie Ritch says:

Stary are a joke! They stole three quarters of a million backer funded dollars… Two years later & no delivery of the board they promised and 5 months now without any update or any communication.
Meanwhile they’re selling boards via other channels and having a laugh.

Redfox Beast says:

Hi uncle Patterson

Alex Gonzalez says:

how do i buy this board?

Cole Bender says:

*comes off 5 hour flight all happy*

Skylar Briggs says:

Every time I see you and Sara in a video together I cry

Vik P says:

9 min of bullshit

Jason Builder says:

John there is 4 modes with different speeds you were on the lowest speed

Jayden Spendiff says:


Donovin Jones says:

the dude at 4:42

Mr. G says:

Get a boosted board. It’s not good in a skatepark when you cruise it’s the BEST.

crazy boy3128 says:

at 2:43 is it tyler seguin ????????

tom block says:

thanks John. Is it possible to slide with this board? I saw it is possible with the imboard 1 and the dual+

Berean Smith says:

1 day from being a year ago

bryanna blake says:

At 4:48 that guy really wants you camera or he wants to know what your doing

Anyone else see him

ZorricFeeds says:

Is this a love story or a vid about a skateboard

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