Why This $425 Electric Skateboard is Worth Buying! Ownboard W1S Review!

Link to Buy Ownboard: https://www.ownboard.net/discount/gizmoslip?redirect=%2Fcollections%2Fboards

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Mccoolness says:


Justin 795 says:

Are u going live


Cool vid

Epic Depth says:

Epic one…


Hello there

mundo de mágico de melissa lopez says:


Ramatulaye Kargbo says:

I want that

MaximilianMus says:

If this video isn’t sponsored im buying it!!

jahed hasan says:

So cool

Daniel Geeslin says:


Jared Petersen says:

I wanna buy this to ride to my work 🙂 they wont even consider stealing this as its a highly protected work place with cameras everywhere 😉

steph curry lover says:

Damn it’s a pretty nice

FireBoyPlays MC says:


BeautyQueen says:

looks really cool!

Angelica Romero says:

2nd to view, comment and like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sanathraj shetty says:

Awesome video and an awesome board hope I win this in your giveaway sir ❤️

Amir Shadick says:

your amazing #biggest fan watch your vids as soon as it comes out and i liked comment, subscribed, have on notification bell and i have coment on all of your vids

Cade Doty says:

The TV was off noooooo

Karla Gonzalez says:

That is so cool!!

FireBoyPlays MC says:

I wish I could have that

steph curry lover says:

I mean it’s a pretty nice skateboard

Xenote says:

I’m goiong to get a job when I turn 16 and I’m going to buy that board, that’s just if I have no luck in the giveaway.
I could wait 6 more months
Thanks for the information about the Ownboard
Cya next video

Vishal Kanwar says:

I like his speed

Kevin Liu says:

Can you plz send me one. I don’t have the money to buy this. I love your vids keep up the good work!

Debesh Jena says:

That Rick & Morty shirt is awesome

SPIDER Skater says:


Joseph Kessler says:

Only 338 in 1 hour…

GizmoSlipTech says:

I was super impressed with the Ownboard electric skateboard. I was honestly not expecting it to be as good as it was and steal my heart away from the Meepo V2 I already had. Thanks for watching! You guys mean a lot to me! Don’t forget I’m doing a mega-giveaway right now. Check out the giveaway video if you want to enter: https://youtu.be/m3ChY7MPYmQ

Nic Bergeron says:

I like chicken noodle soup

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