What ELectric Skateboard to buy in 2018?!@

What IS the BEST Electric Skateboard? Let’s talk about how to CHOOSE the BEST Electric Skateboard.

Backfire Version 2:

Boosted Boards:

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Ancheer Electric Penny:

Acton Boards:

Koowheel Onyx:

Pomelo P5 Electric Skateboard at Gearbest:


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eSk8er says:

Yah wear your helmet!

UzuMaki NaRuto says:

I’ve never ridden a skateboard in my life, but I’m still going to buy an electric skateboard and ride the hell out of it. 😀

pariocean chicago says:

Will you try to make a DIY board one day?

sean brogan says:


Diego says:

You don’t need skateboarding/long boarding experience. It’s so easy to learn the basics to riding safely.

Bimo Wicaksono says:

I think the boosted need to be cleaned, its so dirty

TJ says:

Halo Board is the best. Size, weight, range, power, build and material quality, and price.

Shannon Adams says:

Does anyone know what the regular longboard is that he has?

Ridwanur Rahman says:

Please make another video on the Fiik Spine..

Maximilian Martini says:

Does anyone down here know where to get a Ancheer in Germany?

Jerry Smith says:

God damn brother I wish I could just afford one. But got hurt and disability dosnt pay enough to afford one. Great videos thou.

James Bryant says:

I have never skated board before. Got a boosted and took no time to learn, just depends how good your balance is.

martijn .l says:

best board with long range (2o miles+) for around 600?

dregsta says:

Make your own

Madison Phillips says:

What do you think is the best app to use while riding an electric board to track speed and distance?

Christian Valentine says:

You can. Boosted sells extra batteries

nassin frias says:

At 5:01 did anyone else notice the “Fight Club” dick splice?

JustinKaseTv says:

What brand shirt is that.?! Fukn dope.!!

randyphx says:

Wear a helmet!

Ricky Sichtman says:

ain´t the imboard a better board for you then? its a removable battery board ith a second batt included.. you know about that board right?..

EN Puckering says:

Just put some money down for a Meepoboard V2 Plus.. only hearing good things so can’t wait to try it out.
My first “cheap-o” was the Razor X Electric. Its a comfy ride, its a great starter board, and built well, but its definitely noisy and battery drains *fast* on inclines.

Preston Padgett says:

Why does nobody ever compare the mellow drive? It’s a motor you put on your own longboard and it has better specs than the boosted board

Artobotix says:

This was insanely helpful. Kudos!

Evan Rouse says:

Where did you get those wall mounts for the boards?? Did you make them??

Gagarin says:

Where is Evolve GTX? Where is Mellow board with swappable batteries? Where is the inboard? This videos is not an objective.

Andreas says:

Do you have an opinion on the Mellow drive system?

Marcus Martin says:

What are you thoughts on the Teamgee h6? I’m split between that and a meepo. :/

Andrei Lim says:

Buy Blitzarts duh.

Larry Taylor says:

My koowheels d3m fell apart in 2 weeks.

Kyle Robinson says:

Can’t go wrong with Boosted. Evolve Carbon GT is super fun off road, but there’s some safety issues to be aware of if you’re riding on the street. I personally have the Carbon GT, Boosted V2 plus and Mini S on preorder. I should be all set at this point.

Felix Green says:

Thanks for nothing

Micah Lee says:

lol I will start with a regular board first I know you probably said that because I asked you that question the other day.Anyways keep up the great videos man!

• Omgitsmike • says:

Can we get this guy a riptide please?

Black Phillip says:

Evolve GTX or Predator Banshee.

Rockawaylifestyle says:

What about the evolve?, the tires would handle NYC like a champ.

Alexis de Tarade says:

sounds like mellow will cure your battery blues 🙂

Powerblading says:

If you gave money get the boosted gen 2 dual+ with 14 miles range, if in budget, get the acton blink S2. I own the blink S2 its fast, range is awesome it hits about 10 miles, trust me 5 miles range is NOT enough. So top picks for premium boards is the boosted with 14 mile range and or the acton blink S2 in second place which has 14 mile range also, just depends on how much you want to spend. Keep in mind these 2 companies are american even if boosted is WAY better customer service but still american not chinese, not that all chinese boards are bad, i hear good stuff about the backfire.

ZeT: Gaming says:

@Press Reset do you recommend Riptide r1 elite?

Robbie Murdza says:

I’m surprised he didn’t mention Meepo at all

Gab Zara says:

Rule 1: Broken! Went straight to an e-sk8. Lol

Freddy Bautista says:

Would you 3d print a sliding bracket plate …..for the backfire battery? In my mind. The bracket would be screwed onto the deck. And the battery would slide and be secured.

Esk8 Bear says:

You’re an idiot not wearing a helmet!!!!

JoJooo says:


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