Vestar Board Unboxing & Review. Best Cheap Belt Driven Electric Skateboard. Boosted Board Killer.

Whats shaking homies so today I got the real Boosted board killer up for unboxing and review. So this is the Vestar board and it is belt driven and super fast. This board has 3 speed modes a comfortable wide deck, soft grippy wheels, waterproof design, and many other cool features while keeping a cheap price tag. This board retails for $700 but with my code Dylan-Vestar you can get it for 200 off at $500, with free shipping to most countries. this is their facebook I really think this may be the best cheap electric skateboard in general. If not it is for sure the best cheap dual belt driven electric skateboard and the real boosted board killer. I hope you like the video and thanks for watching.
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Vestarboard says:

Use code: Dylan-Vestar You can save $200!

Fix my name says:

Bored go zroom

Wait Balthy says:

Hey man, could you disclose weather or not this video is sponsored? Also the range on their site is way more than what you tested (8miles as opposed to up to 15 for the Samsung batterie as indicated on the site)

Dwi Yudha says:

Buy yoyo empire

Bird Mann says:

I wanna buy one now!

rusty boi says:

Quick question dylan: is the magic yoyo v6 locus a good yoyo

Chew Chew Train says:

The torque of my dual hub drive WowGo has taken me up a very steep hill on a long run without any problem. Do your research before buying a belt drive system, which requires spending $20 on two replacement belts for every 250-ish miles driven.

Plus, with hub drives, you can kick-push it like a regular skateboard, where you can NOT do that with a belt system.

Motion Scientist says:

brilliant review man! definitely want to give this a try!

Theophilos Godfrey says:

First to say first!

Joshua Walker says:

Are you able to tighten the belts ?

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