Verreal F1 Review: A Competitive $440 Electric Skateboard

Verreal’s new F1 electric skateboard may be familiar, but it’s definitely worth checking out…

Visit for interactive acceleration/speed charts and our drag race simulator.

• Dark Blue Shoes:
• Light Blue Shoes:
• Green Jacket:
• Triple 8 Helmet:
• Backpack:

Moments by Sappheiros
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Lost Within by A Himitsu
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Cristian Constantin says:

Impressive review, as always. Also that race simulator is a nice addition to the website (why isn’t the 12s monster there?).
Also, I know you have the parts for doing so: there are many comparisons between dual 6355 vs dual 6374 (or 5065), but all of them are basically useless since they use either different battery configurations or different kv motors, even different gearing, so they are always biased (and stupid). Do you think you can make a comparison between motors with same specs but different sizes? The battery is the bottleneck usually, so you might have to go lipo or multiple li-ion packs in parallel. Reach out to a supplier and see if they can provide you some samples for review in exchange for promoting them.
Theoretically they should perform the same if they have the same kv, gearing and battery, but everyone is biased towards 6374

Lucas 182 says:


MrElussive says:

Very cool review, and very cool board, but how does this compare to the Juiced Dual now that it is on sale for $500?

psychicmind9 says:

Your carving looks sooo easy.

Dylan says:

hope he’s okay! you guys should do a G2S review next!

Kolbe Stevenson says:

Hey I’ve seen you guys near Kenmore on the Gilman trail! Do you have boards anyone can test out in the Seattle area?

John Martin says:

Great review considering the obstacles that arose while filming. I’ve ridden over a few bridges and always worry about losing control while riding and subsequently losing my ride. So far I’ve been lucky.

Mr. C's Comics says:

“Where’s the Stealth!?”
I’d be asking the same thing. #priorities

Nicely done video. Sorry about those injuries, I hope him a speedy recovery.

Notice Studios says:

Lol board went right into the river….

Diefullah says:

Sorry to hear that man. I hope all is ok with your rider.

Caleb Sherman says:

That spot needs a fix, or a clear warning. That’s obviously very dangerous. Hope the rider was okay.

Thatz Razin says:

At least he was wearing a helmet. And i love my Wowgo 2s.

Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

The #Verreal Board is Amazing !

Gavin Crowley says:

You should give the Yeeplay m2s a try, it seems like one of these boards but at a much lower price point.

Aaron Huang says:

For the “foosted board” how did you hide the wiring between enclosures, or did you not? I’ve already built on electric skateboard but I put it all in one enclosure.

Laszlo Siba says:

Damn, sorry for your rider, hope he will recover fully!
How did he get a concussion with the helmet on? He didn’t seem to hit the ground on the vid, did he bang his head against the guard rail?
These rigid decks and thin plastic wheels are very dangerous on sudden tactile pavement and bad gravel.

Nate Burrer says:

Lol I’ve almost fallen at that exact spot on i90 while riding my boosted board!

Lemonheads - says:

is there a way that i can build a belt driven board for under $450?

Voty fx says:

Still waiting for that Backfire G2s review 😛

Andrewski Gordon says:

You guys alright from the fall

G_olmo says:

Where’s the panther x3s? Video

R Durai says:

Your virtual drag race is Awesome! Just wanted to point out, in that tool, it seems that the Boosted mini X is set to top out at 18mph like the S, not 20.

Andrei Lupsea says:

Grate videos

Nikodim Gorbenko says:

Hey I also live in the greater Seattle area, what trail do you go on in the footage?

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