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EnzoQ84 says:

Yea I have one of those I like going on fast mode GT is way to fast

Jon Vegard Stølen says:

them edits tho


I love your boards(especially the bamboo gtx 2 in 1)

thomas rodier says:

hey i live in monaco are u comming again this year

randyphx says:

Get helmets on guys.

McLee Emile says:

That intro was beyond epic

danz409 says:

links to everything. accept about those cool ass boards…

slaymoo says:

What’s the name of those sunglasses you wear? I need them 😀

AriHD says:

sick intro!

Bruise Knee says:

…so good i watched it over again.

Gekko Productions says:

Do not check out our 2600W electric skateboard. They are dangerously fast!


John I loved it when you go “where can I go buy a ring” and Richard says “I go buy it for you”. Even though it was a joke it still shows th e respect between all of you. Best tubers around you guys just have so much class and give such a better vibe then the other “YouTube people”. Just love the vibe and how you guys just make me want to better myself eveytime I watch.Thankyou!

inge lips says:

Is it inboard

pennywise says:

the golden touch makes it even more badass

IXm2unvrz says:

Benji, your intros are LIT

Jlittlelife says:

now those skateboards are fast

Jacob Hall says:

Okay it looks like no ne else is going to say it, so I guess I have to. WEAR A HELMET! This is the first video I’ve seen from this channel and all the editing was really good and I want to see more, and I would hate to see one of these guys take a spill no helmet flip flops going way to fast on those super carvy double kingpin trucks, think of how devastating that could be for their future their friends and their familys.

Sierra Todd says:

I have the Evolve bamboo GTX. It’s fast as hell and great transportation when living on an island

_ApocalypseYT_ _ says:

What is it called

Rodrigo Almeida says:

amazing vlog

Joey Perez says:


TheJupiterSailfish says:

I like the idea of that into, I’m gonna try it one day!


I want to buy one buy it’s too ecpensive….so evolve if u like to send one for a review video please send one

Nitish Gupta says:

omg im so jealous that u got not one but 2 evolve e boards that cost 4000 dollars combined just like that!!!!!!

Tim says:

Best intro ever!


Sick Intro

Robyn McCarthy says:

On a skateboard with no protective gear? In flip flops or barefeett? Yikes! I was nervous for you all!!!

koogie55 says:

Can i say, this unboxing is too quickly. for what i’ve seen before. It doesn’t get me the full satisfaction, i used to have, opening boxes… Just a thought. I’ve been binge watching so far, love it. But opening presents is glorious. Don’t cut too much out of it 🙂

Miss Annie says:

Who like the Intro?

Øjenåbner says:

Helmet…………………………? :S

RUS38 says:

The dumbest laws in the world are in Europe. It’s like the laws are made for sheeple. The next thing they say electric skateboards without registration and numberplates are prohibited anywhere in public and sheeple will obey and pay the fees.

Pro Venture says:

The camera man sucks…woooohooo

Arsene Wenger says:

douchebags reminds of Thule another swedish brand

MiloYellowknee says:

This new format is so kickass

Steven Mesch says:

What sunglasses are you wearing in this Vlog?

Team Trysling says:

I have a Pine green douchebag

Manuel Mendoza says:

So… what board is this again?

Lyric Derbin says:

“let me grab a knife” opens box with scissors. what a man!

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