Top 10 electric skateboards to buy

Electric skateboards are really amazing, easy and effective way to drive in the city up to 20-30 km.

There are several top manufacturers you can select from.

To buy an electric skateboard in 2016 follow the links below:


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Crab Hawk says:

I just want a board that goes 30MPH that’s all I ask. I’m too used to 22MPH I need more speed!

mosoia andu says:

i prefer a traditional style santa cruzer

Christian Rindom says:

Were is the Boosted board

Robert Reynoso says:

Can u turn with the joystick or do u have to turn it yourself

Bryan T says:

what was number 2??

mougabo says:

you are actually missing the best companies in this video….

Noah Hurley-Abelew says:

Best for: range and weight?

Disclaimer: don’t skate but will now for commuting. Figure it makes sense to be fairly decent at it before buying one of these.

I think it will be fast, the only issue I have with snowboarding is needing a wideboard so my feet don’t dig in the snow, lol.

Twitchymouse146 says:

Bolt is slow as

Jeff Reiman says:

Boosted Board V2 available for pre-order today. Use my referral link for $100 off.

Kang Christine says:

One another choice is that we can make a electric booster which can be mounted on any of our own boards.not a whole truck.Then we have choice on selecting our own boards.

Zach Campbell says:

fucking marbel IT IS!!!!! The lightest electric skateboard…. um are you forgetting about stary???? And IT IS!!!! One of the fastest with 2000 watts of power…. um ya I’ve heard of 3000 watts of power and speeds of a minimum of 26mph they need to get with the times and be more innovative.

MrNageljo says:

check out enertion boards you can build your personal electric skateboard and the boards you can buy there are cheaper and far more powerfull then all of the boards in this list.

Dan Hessler says:

What’s the cheapest?

Shay Ben-Shmuel says:


Andrew Cortesi says:

Nice video. I’m waiting for my Boosted Board to arrive (2nd generation), but I have to say after watching this I’m a little disappointed with the weight, which I believe is 15.5 lbs. It seems a lot of these are much smaller or weigh much less. Either way, I’m very excited to get it.

Sam Rivas says:

on 1:17 he says dick

Kyson Kohout says:

Anyone know what shoes that dude is wearing at 11:38?

Cameron Bell says:

Here is my referral link: if you want $100 off your 2nd gen Boosted Board. Just follow the link and click reserve in the top right hand corner for discount to apply. I’ll get $100 off and so will you!

L S says:

Boosted is now just a name brand

SevenSeasAgo says:

I liked the battery system in the monolith tho.

m4rt3rz says:

you need money money money for this

Josh Dunn says:

In my opinion, I would not make the controller shaped like a gun.

Konayo says:

10:00 cool that this guy wears a helmet! 🙂

Davide Santinello says:


George Varvel says:

Lol the marble board people said that there board was the lightest then the bolt right after was lighter. Haha

Jordi Renedo says:

I don’t own any… and I like Casey Neistat lol but reading specs evolveGT has 3kW/max of 31 5miles and boosted only 2kW power and a max of 14 miles… by spec numbers show that evolve is better. There is any spec or thing that Im missing in order to consider boosted better? There is any waterproof electric board? Thank you in advance guys!

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