This is a BIG problem for Boosted Boards – Exway X1 Pro RIOT Electric Skateboard

Boosted Boards needs to step their game up in the R&D department. The Exway X1 Pro with RIOT Pack add on is at another level than anything else we have seen come out of a sub $1000 board, and with Exway’s USA support based in San Fransisco, they offer service and support to rival. If this is what is out in early 2019, by 2020, Boosted Boards won’t have any legs to stand on because the competition is closing the gap fast.

Thanks again to Exway for providing this pre-release for review.

Check it out here:

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Andrew Freeman says:

Cool but it’s about 3 years too late…also I’d rather support an American company over a Chinese company anyway of the week.

London Crew Eskates says:

Range was tested in cold weather right?

Tee Vee says:

Nothing is better than boosted board!!!

John Tec says:

It would be awesome if you do show us the moters reversed and then compare it to the standard position.

ervi87 says:

My bb dual plus is at Boosted hq right now for its second repair, this one outside of warranty. As I wait with fingers crossed for a reasonable repair estimate, I am very excited to see another company challenge Boosted Boards price and performance

Kim's Family says:

If they bring Mini Version of the Exway X1 Pro with RIOT Pack under $750, boosted board will be out of business.

湛盧 says:


Thatz Razin says:

i love my Exway X1 and the Exway company. Their tech is light years away.

Jonathan Vaucher says:

And in addition, If exway could sell their riot pack + baseplate… Then they conquer the planet ! Imagine having the choice to buy quality dual belt drive WITH TENSIONNING mechanisme. Now that would not only appeal to those who want a turn -key board, but also to those who want to DIY with quality components, and maybe want a bigger battery. I would personnaly like to DIY build my board. I could put the RIOT on a real guenuine Vanguard, and use some craaazy power dense A123 AHR18700 F1 KERS Cells (these ones they use in F1 electric cars… massive amps!). A good LiFePO4 BMS for it. VESCs (or the Exways ESC-remote combo)…

Jesse Congdon says:

Probably a rediculous question but, is there a belt drive board that isn’t super loud? Or at least isn’t high pitch? Or if I made a custom board are there any brands that are quieter than others? Or are there any tricks you can do to help make it quieter?

I’m a really quiet person in general so I just can’t do anything that’s loud it just gives me anxiety. Also you know how most bikes make a clicking noise when you don’t pedal? Well that constant clicking noise that followed me everywhere gave me really bad headaches even though it wasn’t that loud, so I don’t want to risk buying a board that’s too loud that I can’t even ride

Kevin Valdez says:

First board with a forward and backward throttle? How about the Ownboard or is not the same?

Outpush says:

Shark wheels fit?

Jan Akermann says:

Will they sell the riot seperately, without the board?

Kai Xuan says:

Hi, based on your review, should I get the x1 pro or original x1 is more than enough?

givemeurmoney says:

Oh the real, I am enjoying your videos more and more. After the incident with wowgo, I see you are all about giving the real deal when it comes to esk8 boards. Good shit man!

Black Phillip says:

Boosted is only popular because of Casey Neistat.

yoitsgunattack says:

so price not being a factor is this your choice over other things? personally i want one of the brands to go a “durability” board with like… a real chain instead of shitty belts because I go over some bad roads at speed because thats the uk and hearing the “tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk” from a half rip belt for the 5th time this week is like “ARRR FUCKING DAMGE ITNDNFENEFJ!” as long as the board can hit 20 mph and get a 10 mile range and can charge in under 2 hours. I dont care its all extra. who the fuck is riding at 25+ mph for more then 2 seconds? who is riding more then 10 miles on a board? once those are met I just want that thing is to be a tank so I dont feel scared about damaging it or buying 500 belts 24/7

Quantay Peoples says:

I sold my Boosted Board because i had to replace the motor way too often and the service time takes forever. There is no reason the motors should be exposed to the ground like that. HOWEVER, Boosted Boards are still the best Electric Boards in the market hands down.

PracticalProjects says:

This is such a nice board!

George Antony Robles says:

Looks well done…

Daniel says:

On their website they say they use hub motors and the board looks like they’re now….

marc carter says:

Did you buy the board with your own money, or was it free?

Elvis Jung says:

For the messy room I recommend Marie Kondo’s book, it’s legit

Lady Q says:


Mirkayn says:

Hey Press! I gotta say, I just bought a Boosted board, BUT… I think in 2019 man, they should work to improve the hub motors e-board performances. I’m sorry but nobody cares about the jet noise… That thing is extremely noisy!

MoJo Hu says:

great video, we are impressed,

Jay Boston says:

Riot for the win!!

Šimon Šiplák says:

What about voltage sag?

Life Unlimited says:

Exway the way to go if you don’t need the flex. I bet they will come out with a flex deck as time goes on.

Ross Devers says:

What brand are those off white wheels at 2:29 mark?

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