This Electric Skateboard has it ALL

INSANE! This Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard has it ALL. Watch my review 😉

Inboard M1:
Swappable Batterie:
Swiss people:


►►► What i use:
Olympus OM-D:
Rayban Clubmaster:
Manfrotto Pixie:
Evoc 26l:


►►► Cameras:
Olympus OM-D:
Wide Angle:
Fish Eye:
GoPro Hero 5:

►►► Accessoires:
Manfrotto Pixie:
Video Mic:


Predsfan 9 says:

Please review the metro board

iRepGuam says:

Is this a dual hub motor or single? If not any future dual motors?

FabTRAV says:

And i still don’t know if i’m gonna get this board. If you you wanna see it (i have to test it for me anyway) i’m gonna do a range test and again a hill climbing test?

AdamZacHD says:

the long hair is more suitable for you, it’s just my opinion

MadDias says:

There is another board with swappable batteries and you know which one it is 😉
It´s the Koowheel. And I bet my skinny ass, that the Koowheel will get up that steep hill easily.

Mike Skordynski says:

I’m confused as to how regenerative braking works and how to use it. Could somebody explain it please?

MrCareyer says:

what is the problem with getting a KooWheel d3m on a plane? the batteries can be changed and even the biggest battery has “only” 198Wh… according​ to IATA rules you can easily carry up to 2 such batteries with you. Nothing to be paid for especially not millions of dollars by the manufacturer 😉

Kev says:


Videos DR says:

in the magneto skateboard you can change the battery, so the on-board m1 is not the only board that the battery can be change

bjørn erik kristiansen says:

An awesome way to see the different boards. Have you had a look at the Fiik´s?

Natestzj says:

casey should get the lou board dont u think?

Avenged says:

Fabian are you obsessed with electric skateboards lol, good video.

ddkuo says:

I replaced the front bearings on my inboard M1 with lower friction skull something (Swiss made) bearings, and range with MAX THROTTLE increased to 10 km (max 32 kph) *fuckYeah*

SirDiff says:

No way they paid 1million dollars for certifying batteries, they didn’t even get that much money from the starting campaign.

kingshun wong says:


theonemister1 says:

Have you heard of the Onan X2? It’s basically a motorized truck you can attach to any deck. Would really like to see you test it . Battery is removable so I imagine it would work great for travelling. Might evenbe able to take it as carry-on if you screw it on a pennyboard.

Toby Mendenhall says:

could you do a video with all the boards you have tested? where u just rank them from good to bad for different categories like speed, price etc. thanks!

Gonçalo D.C. says:

first nice vid

Q.T.π says:

mellow board?

Tackomeil says:

The thing about Hillclimbing with this Board is the Manta-Drive(Hub-Motor). You don’t get as much Torque, but it is Waterproof in exchange 😉

biocybernaut says:

The Inboard won’t do hills… forget it!

Janine and Roberto says:

You should check out the Onan X2 or X3 it also has a swappable battery, and It’s cheaper than any high end board. And the best part you can use it on every board.

Mikkel Schrøder says:

Whats the cheepest Electric board you have?

jabbar abdul says:

Lou board vs Inboard….

Beddamade says:

I had this board, if you press that button 3 times it will change the modes or speeds of the board. I am 286lbs and I would ride the board on the 3rd speed setting all the time. The board is strong enough to take me up a pretty steep hill on the 3rd speed setting. I am sure you are much lighter than me so you should be able to get a steep hill on the 2nd or 3rd speed setting. The reason i returned the board is because the motors kept over heating. Inboard say it could be because of the load an the tempt here in Oklahoma City. That was the only issue i had with the board, it carves great it picks up speed great, the brake was great. I am just too fat for the board. They was kind enough to allow me to return the board for a full refund. I wish I could have kept the board.

Mzeta Mzeta says:

it’s always great to see your videos,always enjoy it. keep up!

Ben Hutten-Czapski says:

just a side comment on cinematography, the transition back from Zurich was a bit sudden and would have been a good time to use some drone footage… I mean it ultimately doesn’t really matter I suppose.

also I was wondering if these electric skateboard videos really count as vlogs persay. I feel like for reviews they are maybe a bit long and spread across multiple videos, but for vlogs they are a bit too many videos on the same topic.

I mean all of this in the most constructive way and obviously you can take it or leave it.

TomcanKnife says:

Correction: this board has everything except a realistic price

TrueBanana says:

Do you contact companies to test their boards or do they do it ? I would like to see you try that one
You are the reason why i want an electric skateboard and also the reason why i backed the Lou 1.0 (for my gf) and 3.0, but i’m also interested in the Flex-Eboard. The thing is that they only sent it to weird vloger, like one who usually do car related stuff and is … boring (also close to no followers +2-3k views max per videos) and another guy who talk 75% of the time and doesn’t really show the board at all xD
I like the AT wheels and that they are 2 sets of wheels (normal and AT) in the packs + a carry bag.

kingshun wong says:

how much

Lighthousematt2 says:

Spoiler alert: not going to get 10 miles on a single battery. That range only happens when you ride on an eco setting on flat surfaces. 4-5 miles range at 20 mph if you are lucky

Dexilight says:

your review coherence was it bit off on this one fabian 😉 from great – to slow – to has it all – to is too heavy 😀

visualisetheworld around you says:

Can you please try the Mellowboard

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