Swappable batteries, replaceable wheels, water and dust proof what else you want man? This ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD has it ALL ►►►




►►► What I use:
Olympus OM-D:
Rayban Clubmaster:
Honor 9:
Manfrotto Pixie:
Evoc 26l:


►►► Cameras:
Olympus OM-D:
Wide Angle:
Fish Eye:
GoPro Hero 5:

►►► Accessoires:
Manfrotto Pixie:
Video Mic:


Luis Gustavo says:

Happy birthday Fabian

Actually Tasteful Productions says:

Faba Laba Dub Dub you prob destroyed those batteries. I left my Hoverboard that takes a Li-ion battery in my car overnight when it was like 20f (-6.66c) and it never held a charge the same way. I also left some Canon 70D batteries in my car when it was even colder and they just straight up never worked again. Needless to say i was not happy.

Mateo Movies says:

Is LAAX sounding similar to you? It is a ski place in Switzerland. Like 1,5 hours from Zürich

steeven coogan says:

What the Fuck This poserr of LouBoard. Fuck you LouBoard Fuck you FabTrav. Never Trust This poser anymore

Toni Mahoni says:

the problem with the landwheel is the landwheel – sold mine it is not worth it

Jan Ostrówka says:

BTW ~ 11:08 Where did you hear all that crap about Mellow Board?! I am a Mellow Drive owner and everything is working perfectly. What makes Mellow Board better is that it is the original drive not a copy (which will never be perfect) and if anything breaks down in my drive… well I get 24/7 support which can help me resolve issues, for free, under 2 year warranty.

I am a little surprised that you are not really that honest… Landwheel’s connection cuts out every time you tried to ride it, wheel’s rubber chips off after one session, there is no concave, the battery always falls off, has a hard time going up (not even 10 degree) hill, it is not fully airtravel safe, costs a whopping $749 and you still say that “This ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD has it ALL” COME ON Fabian! Be honest, you get what you pay for cheap Mellow Board copy with endless problems and lack of customer support.

landwheel white says:

Cool video!….please wear a helmet , and Merry Christmas

StickyChr0nicBuds says:

Woa that thing flies.

Sonny Daze says:

3 ads fab… uhhh no

huzzler g says:

Finaly the Landwheel Review ! its the latest version ! i have it too ! Nice !

King1 Ny says:

happy birthday brother.

QUIM8 says:

You have to try the ONAN X2 and compare it with this one!! That would be a great comparison 🙂

Isaac Lyons says:

I am making a carbon fibre board

ZO says:

like if fabian has the best heelflips in the YouTube game 🙂

Tyrease Mcthizzle says:

I would never buy a board made in china. I love my boosted board and the great customer support

Michael Rossi says:

Happy bday merry Xmas

Xavier Cirer says:

If you ever have a spare board I would be more than happy to help you out. Your videos are dope man! keep up the great work

Leooo Z says:

Dude you gotta wear a helmet. If not for yourself at least to set an example for people watching your vids

Black Phillip says:

There is a lot of new eboards on the market but customer service is almost non existent.

Fancy Motherfucker says:

What’s your opinion on the cheapest skateboard that’ll make it up really steep hills (like San Francisco) …range doesn’t matter, just power to get up hills
Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Felix Green says:

I would never buy this board you said in 2 videos the land wheel wasnt working because it was too cold remote vibrates seems like a inferior quality board

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