This Cheap Electric Skateboard Is AWESOME!

Exway – A Boosted Board knockoff that doesn’t suck. Finally!
The Original –

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Caleb Cudjoe Videography says:

Great vid

Geometry Dash Hood says:

Still expensive

Neil Japhtha says:

Down vote for the clickbait ‘cheap’. There are budget electric skateboards that retail < $500.

Hydra 2000 says:

I thought you were talking about 1499¥RMB cheap, no, that’s 1499$,that redefine the word cheap.

MikVision says:

100 bucks for shipping?
at this point it comes awfully close to companies with proven customer service etc

danny K. says:


Marek Wolf says:

I love you from every video more and more

aphu says:

I kept watching the video waiting for you to get to an actual cheap skateboard, but you never did.

SubieBoy says:

intro song?


i just realised i wasnt subscribed

Yu Lung Yip says:

900bucks is cheap?

Borshon Hasan says:

I would rather buy a bike with that money ….

Ninja Sawit says:

1499 $ cheap ??
i cant buy itu , but im not rich man .. :v

Monstah Jones says:

I’m to old for these things now, but the only one i’d consider would be the Mellow..  it’s the exact opposite of cheap, but it’s the only e-board I know of that offers what most folks would want, swappable batteries and fits on any old deck you want/got..

Albert Reynolds says:

Git a real skateboard ya fag

Dave Lee says:

I’ve used a LOT of electric skateboards and I think this is THE best one on the market for the price =)
Thanks for watching my off-beat vids 2d fam!

Yang Zhang says:

I think boosted board made the decision of using 99Wh due to the amount of battery you are allowed on an airplane, which is 100Wh.

Kes Cholo says:

You’re 155 lbs?? How tall are you dude?

Paul Lusty says:

could you do a direct comparson to the boosted and other boards? (if you still have them)
like a side by side acceleration/speed/stopping tests?

Conrad Boey says:

Good video, but I’m not sure the statement on claiming Stary Board being a garbage is correct, since I have one myself it’s very good and high quality build. From the first site this Exway board is a rip off of the Stary, well it’s ur opinion anyway so I can’t judge. Anyway good review

anton antonenko says:

Well the thing is its almost exact same board as stary board,it was a start up,people order and 90 percent didnt get their board,company went rogue,and now another one popped up,might not be a coincidence.

humxa khatri says:

99 watt hours is the maximum legal to carry on an airplane if I am not mistaken so you can not carry the chinese one

Chirac Sama says:

Waiting for xiaomi to build a electrical skateboard

Massenhaft1 says:

try an euc :)…

Productions126 says:

Fk me! The title says cheap, got me excited for a second…

Bradley Ziegelmann says:

when you started the video I thought you were saying the boosted board was cheap

Juker Jo says:

why dont u spin it like u usually do with laptop????

sparkster48 says:

900$ is not cheap…. At that price why would I even go to a Chinese company for that price?

CrateFX says:

if youre paying 900$ you might as well go for the 1400$ one XD


you think $900 is cheap they have decent electric skateboards for $200 on Amazon

Arc Blu says:

I wouldn’t call it a cheap electric skateboard unless I can get it for less than $500 haha


I love wakeboarding And snowboarding but not skateboarding

MikeyIsCat says:

pffft $1500 for a boosted board? you could get a motorbike here for that price in Indonesia

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