This BEATS the WowGo / Ownboard Electric Skateboard

I RECOMMEND THIS BOARD AS LONG AS IT’S UNDER $400 including shipping. At that price, it’s a GREAT deal.

The AEBoard Electric Longboard is super good at this price. It just KILLS all the other 90mm hub motor Chinese boards out there like the WowGo, Ownboard, Meepo etc in ride quality. The downside is the cheap deck and enclosure… but that cheap deck and enclosure help the ride feel. The price is right. Here is the review.

If you have a WowGo/Ownboard stick with that. It’s the same board. Swap the deck.


Coupon: HAPPYGO-AEBOARD (again, no idea if this works)

Backfire G2S is still FAR better here is a discount:
Backfire G2S: $69 off with this link or $100 off Ranger.
Brings the total of GS to $480 /w BF current price drop!


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Denice Katz says:

Better than backfire g2s?

West Senkovec says:

I have the Ownboard with the swappable wheels and I have no rattling.
I would never buy a skateboard without swappable wheels.
If you ride a lot you can trash the tires in one month.

James sr79 says:

Another great video.

Brian D Howard says:

solid review Preston.. looking forward to merch. I’m down for the OG 20 you’ll put out.. A hoodie if possible because like you said it’s cold outside

WhyShouldIEvenListenToYou says:

How would you compare it with the latest gen KooWheel if they were the same price? I have a latest gen KooWheel and got it for $400 but I want to know if I should swap it for this one.

hmug tv says:

I like how you put in the description that the back fire G2S is better 😉

Krzysztof R says:

Did you do the Ownboard review on your channel? I’m guessing not, because I can’t find, but maybe…?

Masoud Afzali says:

yay another video 🙂

moto 1 says:

4:19 I’ve done the same thing so many times they barely even use those tracks

Ken Waller says:

Awesome review. I have the Ownboard and when riding over rough terrain the vibration is terrible. Would you say the vibration over non smooth roads is the same with the AEboard? Thanks!

moto 1 says:

could you maybe review a belt driven board besides the boosted or review a board kit
keep up the good work

Camden Hawkins says:

Would you recommend this over the backfire g2s?

Awesome Power says:


Karam Qudeimat says:

Can I somehow buy some of the boards you don’t want?

Wesley Wamsley says:

Hey it looks like they have an “AT” board… What do you think about it vs the ranger x1

okcrc says:

Great video. My only complaint/worry on the aeboard is the enclosure and the way it prevents flex. I agree with your opinions about the board as-is tho. If you have no plans on a deck swap then it would be great. However if you plan to swap to a better deck wouldn’t you be better off with either the ownboard or wowgo? Just for the sake of the individual enclosures? I’m thinking about getting another board just so I can loan it to friends to create more interest in esk8ing and thus have people to ride with.

Dezi says:

You Kinda forgot the coupon code in this video? 😀
i think it is this 😀

Antonio Guadagno says:

What about the possibility of becoming an all terrain board?

Michael Gatty says:

Just for your information, as of now, Wowgo 2S at 399.99 dollars, Meepo V2P at 419 dollars, Ownboard W1S at 407 dollars, Verreal F1 at 378 dollars and Teemo at 379 dollars. How low can AE board be?

DanieI Joseph says:

Evolve Bamboo GTX or Enertion Raptor 2.1 reviews?

haibo yan says:

Aeboard uses 30 batteries(10s3p). Can you make a battery life video?

Marsel Vitti says:

Is it possible that these companies do a special treatment to boards which they send to influencers? I mean that they could be improving the ride quality, or the battery or the motors without telling you. I’m a bit skeptical.

Marvin A says:

Another china made eboard review.lame unsub

delo1311 says:

Another great video keep up the great work.

MC Alvin Nellone says:


Graeme Franks says:

Mr Preston…That was your opinion and I LOVED it.

Prof X says:

Great video as always, one of the most informative channels regarding ebords IMO, so thank you. I’m very much leaning towards the Backfire myself so I was feeling lucky with the announced coupon… However, the link provided doesn’t seem to be delivering… Could you double check for us and update if possible? Thanks again

joey f says:

Awesome review man! I have a wowgo 2s and i also have that board you used for the wowgo kit, that deck is amazing

Marshall R. says:

“good thing i wasn’t a car”
rarely a day without this thought

Kenneth Barr says:

Rad video, these videos are awesome. When’s the next kpop montage lol!

Randy Barmache says:

Great videos and definitely one of the most informative of all the e skate reviewers! I like this board a lot but wondering how good the turning radius is. What do you think the best turning long board is for the price??

Marsel Vitti says:

I noticed a shady practice on their website. Whenever you go to the page selling the board, there is a countdown timer with the apparent number of boards left before they are soldout. Whenever you refresh the page, the number of boards & countdown resets. So basically its a fake countdown.

John Martin says:

Could anyone throw the link out for Press Reset where they swap the Wowgo mini deck out for the custom deck? I watched it previously but can’t find it now

Peter Garcia says:

I wanna hear him say orangatang wheels again…its funny ..

John Rieke says:

Love my backfire g2s . I wish I just bought and stopped at that. I got a Meepo V2P after my Yuneec E-GO 2, then the Backfire, and then a boosted stealth.

chace ross says:

Way-ay-ay-ay more balanced

SnarkyPosters says:

No Dennis saying “WowGo!”, unsubscribed.

/s 😛

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