THINK PINK! MilesPower Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard Unboxing

An IHOB cheese burger and a PINK Miles Power carbon fiber electric skateboard unboxing. Did they name it after Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog? ROFL. Brakes need a bit of work (they are working on that), but I like it so far!

Check out MilesPower:

Thanks to MilesPower for sending this board over to check out.
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Nemo有一天你会意识到你造成的损害 says:

still better than fäboard

Young_Hov says:

Can’t wait to see your review on the Miles Board

Zodiaczek says:

When will we see review Backfire G2s?

Ryan Thompso says:

i have the same hub motors and remote on the halo board carbon

Henry Windsor says:

Trying to figure out if I should get this or a mini x for getting around my college campus

LongIslandADED says:

From the looks of it, it seems like i couldn’t switch the board for a longboard

amazingcardsharp says:

What’s the name of the song at the top of the video?

Jaime Cooke says:

Halo board..

Ethan Levinton says:

Those look like louboard hubs. The whole thing reminds me of a Lou 3.0. I believe the Halo board is going to use that remote soon.

Chevy Rangitakatu says:

Any final reviews of the Exway? Still waiting for your opinion and where it sits among all the big eboards

Anthony Leighton says:

Subscribed! Any chance you can do a hill climb comparison?

GraysFrame says:

I’ve been a viewer for awhile now and just subscribed. My question is are you a full time creator? Is youtube ad revenue your main source of income? Or does it just pay bills here and there? I want to be a film maker and I was just wondering how far off I am from being a creator full time. I understand If you don’t want to answer but a reply would be very appreciated.

technoalah says:

This or Lou board? Cheers

adam baker says:

Wow you have all those boards have you ever thought of taking them apart and making your own board from the best pieces like an ultimate board for your own use

foxxxrecords says:

Still waiting for someone to make a unibody hub motor board the size of the boosted mini. This board is getting close, but not quite there

MDSsystems says:

Dennis Show !!!!!!!

Alastair Drong says:

376.2 points for not face planting into those coffees.


What’s the song at the end?

Two Magnetic says:

The hub motor is from winboard

Chris DeCoro says:


Maximilian Mus says:

What do u guys think of Jetson e longboards

Gregory Patzelt says:

I actually really like it!

Miles Electric Skateboards says:

+1 for thinking pink! Cheers for the detailed unboxing!

Christopher Adeler says:

Dude you guy’s are a bunch of skateboarding dorks, I mean really? elecrtic skateboards come on man didn’t your Mom tell you to grow up? HA, I am totally kidding, love watching these videos, have a lot of style. keep up the great work on the review of these boards. I really want to get one to commute to work from the upper west side down to Kipps Bay NYC but that is like four miles each way and not sure if that would be safe to do every other day, or even if the board would hold up long enough before the thing just falls apart. These things seem to be relatively new in the marketplace still. What is the most miles you have put on one board?

Marc Shuster says:

It’s a winboard white label board, not a proprietary design. Still an awesome board nonetheless I’ve been testing mine for over 6 months. Range is no where near advertised 18miles though, 11.5 is what I’ve gotten which is plenty imo. Best board I’ve tested personally, might be too fast and too small for most people though. My tall buddies find it tough to ride but that’s the trade off for portability

Andreas says:

When will we see a proper review of the Boosted Mini S? 🙂

Matthew P says:

I want to see a proper review of the backfire x1 and the g2s. I have the black and gold g2s and a backfire x1 on preorder

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