The Smallest and Lightest Electric Skateboard!

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Snazzy Labs reviews the Maxfind Max-C electric skateboard. At 27″ and just 8 pounds, it’s the world’s smallest and lightest electric skateboard. The skateboard features interesting implementations such as a hub motor rather than a belt-drive motor used in Boosted Board, ZBoard, and other competing products. Does the cheap, $259 Chinese skateboard stand up to Snazzy Labs’ tests? Find out in this review! best electric skateboard


Daniel McDavid says:

The slowdown at low battery is not a fault of the battery cells, it’s just a cheap battery protection circuit with insufficient overdischarge protection

Corbin Bender says:

Reloaded the page like 10 times so you can keep making these great vids!

N¡kh¡l Kαmατh says:

Drone shots?

Salem Storm says:

Uhhhh he said eat asphalt. hehe o_O

Time Lapse Painting says:

To be clear, any dc motor is waterproof. Even if it is completely open

NumNeNumNe _ says:

Lmao testing in a church parking lot, only place that’s good to test

Cool Crawler says:


Joseph Antenucci says:

All the world wants is a regular skateboard with an electric option

Prasoon Singh says:

The controller alone makes me not buy one if I was into skateboards.

Ahmed Zyshan says:

if you’re making a skateboard video you gotta wear ‘Vans’ Quinn!

Vecopotryx says:


Tams80 says:

The Arc Board is smaller and only 0.6lbs heavier. It also has better build quality.

Stan Jarvis says:

Where do you live in america, where there are trains for local public transport? O.o

bdog111 says:

What is so weird about using the same throttle as you do to go forward as you do reverse? Almost every single car is designed like this.

Ayush C says:

Wii nunchuck!

Jack_Cydia says:

I’d just rather not get this.

Isaac Gene Asensio says:

The weight limit is a joke! I’m around 210 pounds (Not that fat haha I’m 6.3ft tall). I may not be average weight (at least in my country) but somebody with your weight and a load backpack for school or college will exceed the maximum easily.

Josh says:

Great video. Didn’t realize I was early until I saw the comment amount lol.


Stay snazzy

Logan Ebeling says:

Cool, nice video!

Sean Carter says:

The Lou Board seems MUCH better and more stable.

Secure Steve says:

It’s not cheap

muh1h1 says:

I was thinking about building my own board with 4 of those hub motors. Do you think the torgue would be sufficient that way?

Randuski says:

don’t ride a skateboard in the rain

Fernando S says:

I love you for telling the measurement units in SI (even though you forget sometimes) ❤

Gabe_N says:

Aaaaaaand it’s going to explode

Anuj Taxali says:


Leo Guo says:

Cool professional review video of the Maxfind small electric skateboard Max-C. I would like to give it a go

AG64 says:

LOL WTF, how is using Samsung batteries a feature!

Jivteshwar Khaira says:

The Mavic Pro tho

jamal farah says:

Hi good video. Have just bought max c. And do not know how long it will take until I have my max c. Plizz answers me

/r/waffletv says:

Not first!

Goyam Jain says:

Notification Squad!

Nope! F them. Just saw this video in my feed

Other World Explorers says:

Yer Video and info – Excellent (as always)
Only concern is.. are we as a nation headed to fully assisted living.. I mean its a skateboard.. it doesn’t need a motor… just like bicycles…
I am a tubby critter and I manage to use a bike in the intended manual configuration just fine. I would never consider using a motorized skateboard. That’s like a motorized Q-Tip to clean my ears..
Somethings are best in the retro classic configuration they came in.
Cheers !

Adam McGrath says:

Oh wow, you are in salt lake?? How about that lightning storm last night?

Cameron Jk says:

Get a blink board instead

Goober and Buddy says:

I’d love to find a really good quality alternative to the Boosted board. Thanks Quinn for the video

ateb3 says:

still riding my NON electric penny. I think this technology isnt really mature enough especially on the tiny boards (also I weigh almost 200)

Asher Tech says:

I feel you should look at the swagboard ng-1 it’s only 200 and it is cheaper than this. It’s nice I own one and you would like it

Charlie Watts says:

New channel idea, snazzy labs unboxing and reviews!

Moritz Vogt says:

so what’s its DougScore then?

In the year 1230 A.D. says:

Next will be the hover board from back to the future!

samic says:

I like how you promote the Hate button as well as the Like button, so I pressed the Like button.

Nadav says:

*facepalm* the American said bloody

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