The Panther X3S (Sex Panther) Electric Skateboard: 30 MPH Budget Beast

…60% of the time, it works… every time. Check it out at

Visit for interactive acceleration/speed charts and our drag race simulator.

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Aaron Huang says:

Question about the Foosted Board, how much space was there in the ESC enclosure and where did you put the on button

Pavel Shevchuk says:

Hub/belt drive slomo comparison is excellent, thanks for making this content

Vieo says:

The slow-mo bump photoage was really interesting. Great way to show how flex / urethane makes a difference

Fran Galasso says:

I would like to see you review a hoyt st skate board. They build the boards out of Portland I think. Can’t wait to receive mine.

SamusSays says:

Great video! Keep it up. I have been riding my foosted board for about a month now and I love it!

EJ Be the Light says:

This 2:12 is my biggest problem with these hub motors, I have a meepo v2p kit on a DB coreplex deck and I hate this so much

Zio Orco says:

ALSO a website where to compare boards with simulators and graphics?! I think I love you guys.

h ungee says:

Why do you guys have a different motor in the description for the 12s monster build?

Kevin McArthur says:

You guys are doing such a great job reviewing these boards! I will end up making a purchase based on your data.

Gabe Bol says:

I’m waiting for the lawsuit against you guys hahaha

Yoshidis Yo says:

Looks like there’s the changce to put another metric to your awesome charts, which is drivability in bumpy roads.

Jonathan Vaucher says:

Still these crappy rear trucks that shear off… But now at 29 mph yikes !

Cristian Constantin says:

I wrote this comment on a previous video. I will just post it again hoping to get a reply :
Impressive review, as always. Also that race simulator is a nice addition to the website (why isn’t the 12s monster there?).
Also, I know you have the parts for doing so: there are many comparisons between dual 6355 vs dual 6374 (or 5065), but all of them are basically useless since they use either different battery configurations or different kv motors, even different gearing, so they are always biased (and stupid). Do you think you can make a comparison between motors with same specs but different sizes? The battery is the bottleneck usually, so you might have to go lipo or multiple li-ion packs in parallel. Reach out to a supplier and see if they can provide you some samples for review in exchange for promoting them.

Weaksauce P says:

where is your raptor 2 video ?

California RV Dreamin says:

Where’s this bike trail?

Victor Treptow says:

Great video guys, any Carbon GTs on the way? Would be interesting to see such a versatile board compare to others in its price point.

Chicawar says:

31 Mph = *50km/h*
15 mi = *24km*
29 Mph = *46km/h*
5 to 15 Mph = *8 to 24km/h*
10 to 20 Mph = *16 to 32 km/h*
15 mi = *24km*
12 mi = *19km*
450$ = *388€* = *350£* = *633AUD* = *592CAD*

Aaron Huang says:

This is awesome

Chris Kang says:

Did you guys find out why you received a 9.6 ah pack? Still has no options on their site.

Voty fx says:

ahhhh i hate how he speaks about Backfire G2s flex but still no video on it !

Daniel Bridges says:

I love your videos would you guys ever do one on the Riptide R1 Elite?

GG Player says:

Could you make a video about the Ivory Board Mark 2 4wd?

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