My first ride on this insanely thin and powerful electric skateboard. Lots of fun in a small package.





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+ Canon EOS 80D Camera (Most of the time)
+ Canon EOS 70D Camera (Additional timelapses & interviews)
+ Canon 10-22mm Lens (Fish eye)
+ Canon 10-18mm Lens (Skateboarding)
+ Canon 18-55mm Lens (Most of the time)
+ Canon Wireless Microphone WM-V1 (Distance Mics)
+ DJI Mavic Pro (Drone Action) –
+ Rode Video Go Mic
+ Go Pro Hero 3 Black (Water and high risk)
+ iPhone 6s Plus (Exercise, Quick Action, Slow-Mo)
+ Gorillapod Focus Tripod with Ballhead X (Most of the time)
+ IKEA ORDNING Egg Timer (Landscape Motion Timelapse)

+ Evolve Bamboo Skateboard –
+ Evolve Grey Helmet –
+ DJI Mavic Pro –

+ Roman Atwood –
+ Ben Brown –
+ Casey Neistat –
+ Fun For Louis –
+ What’s Inside –
+ The Sound You Need –

Music available on –


GivesAMinute says:

Nicely put together Jay! That crow was keen for a fight lol

James Penney says:

great video bro

GG Player says:

Could you do a speed test?

Stefan0man says:

It can beat the Meepo 2.0 on it’s 4th mode up hill? I dunno, I think it would be close. You should try the Meepo GT board! That one looks nice!

xXBenXx says:

Nice Video… keep posting

Vafa B says:

Nice to see the exway reviewed. Like to see this board up hill challenge compared to the others. Also did you upgrade the software? The latest give better braking and acceleration I believe. and they have a new quick charger that will get to 90% in 30 minutes and 100% in 45minutes! Crazy nice board. Would be nice if they made a B.B. mini competition with the all in one design.

bobbie bogdanovich says:

Apparently you attracted a few haters today. I personally love your videos. I’m 54…female…and love electric longboarding. I don’t expect you to provide a clinical dissertation on electric longboards; rather a quick personal observation. I can do my own research. Keep up the good work. Next time in the states…come to the west coast. I’d love to ride with you.

Chris Dallas Dualped says:

Lol Jay your reviews are very bias

dumwaldo says:

i rode with a guy who had one of these yesterday. he had lots of problems due to the inadequate battery. he was the first to run out of battery and couldnt charge fast enough. he was experiencing significant battery sag as well since he was unable to get a good charge level. you are doing the community a disservice promoting this as a quality product. its a very well designed board with quite a few advanced features that is hobbled by ONE INCREDIBLY POOR DESIGN DECISION to use flat pack cells that WE ALL KNOW are worthless because it is easily the number one complaint about evolve boards.

im disappointed. you seemed to have an awakening when you came to nyc and you made some decent videos but it has taken you no time at all to go back to careless content.

Gregory Patzelt says:

Definitely adding one of these to my collection! Question – since you’ve spent time on both the Exway X1 and the Boosted V2 Dual Plus XR; how would you say the Exway stacks up against the Boosted in terms on its: torque/acceleration, top speed, carvability, ride comfort, and hill capability?? Thanks Jay and looking forward to your response!

Rafael Gayoso says:

Review the Backfire G2s!!

Michael Whiley says:

Great editing skills bru

Adeline Ng says:

Is the battery accessible? What’s the maximum charge cycle of the battery?

kristoffer larsen hopland says:

how bad is the battery sag??

Go Jaleo says:

These vids are sounding more and more like sales pitches for those companies that are sending you free boards which means no one can really trust your opinion since your goal is to get more boards and you can’t criticize a board else companies will stop sending them to you. Press Reset is sooooo much more reliable and honest.

Go Jaleo says:

Fail on providing context.. If you don’t tell the viewer where you are at they are left guessing. Everyone wants to copy Casey but no wants to do the real work of solid story telling. You don’t have to go to the New York School of Film to understand what providing context is. For fuck’s sake.. You don’t have a problem splashing your name all over the screen how much trouble is it to splash the city ?

Crown Wheel says:

Only US$285,NEW 30MPH 48km/h,Cheapest Powerful Bamboo DIY Electric Skateboard: welcome order online on Alibaba:

Max Messenger says:

Are you going to do an in depth review?

doouxe says:

which electric longboard around 500-600$ will you recommend? Your top five chinese review was quiet long time ago, and there is few more updates on those boards

Vafa B says:

What’s with the hate that comes out when this board gets reviewed lol. Even press reset had massive haters posting when he reviewed it…

Chevy Rangitakatu says:

Hey Jay can you let us know what sorta range youre getting when you get a chance. Cheers

Steven Sam says:

Have you done an in-depth review of the exway?

Pierre-Henri Landriau. says:

Would you get this over the bamboo one GT limited edition?

Tom says:

Taking one risk would and reaping one reward would do wonders for the brand. Content is great, tagline doesn’t align

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