The best electric skateboards of 2018

Electric skateboards and longboards have become a relatively common sight in big cities, and a lot of companies now make them. Unfortunately most of them are more toy than tool. We tested out a few of the most popular boards under $2,000, and it’s pretty clear which two win out. Subscribe:

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Philip Rosenthale says:

Have you guys tried the BlitzArt Hurricane GT? It’s a dual in hub motored board with 700 watts of power and aside from the fact that the board has no flex it’s a reliable nice ride for $500.00 The company is in City of Industry California and their customer service is extremely good. You can call them or email them and they will get right back to you. There is a guy named Bailey there who will help you with any problem you may have. Nobody knows about this company and that is one of their biggest problems. I would love to see you do a review on a dual motor BlitzArt board.

Black Phillip says:

KalyNYC or Lecroix Board. Yes, they’re expensive but you get the best boards on the market. You want ride Honda Civic or Lamborghini?​

Danny F. S. says:

Boosted is BEST? NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! LMFAO Even a $700 WowGo 2s or the Meepo V2 has better speed and range than Boosted. What about Metro E-Boards? They have INSANE range and speed options. 30 miles+ of range… I guess the most popular = best, not actual specs.

Roy Logan says:


Flash says:


Wayne Macchion says:

With all the comments mentioning evolve will/can this test be done again?

nathan makdessi says:

This guy has no idea what he’s talking about. Most of this information he gives out is incorrect and not reliable.

Dj Jaywoo says:

$1400 for a 7 mile ride?! Da fuq !!!!!!

E Hernandez says:

Ride a real human powered skateboard; Nothing more eco-friendly than a real skateboard. Why do you need another thing to charge?!

Readit Design says:

Real story: 1500 usd? You literally can buy a car for this cash.

Jonas De Gendt says:

How to recognize a newbie: They carry their board grip-tape out.

mortonuhv says:

not falling for it sorry

Christopher Hitchens Is God says:

Onewheel + XR?

RotiiK _ says:

“it’s not easy to find one that ticks all the boxes” that’s when you can build one that has everything you want, and doesn’t have to break the bank.

cameraflyer says:

Brought to you by Boosted Board. We’re the best because we say so.

Matt Whitehouse says:

“Boosted has the best app”
Sounds like someone didn’t do there research

Kyle Williams says:

Evolve? Halo? How could you possibly leave out these 2 companies?

The Verge says:

Which electric skateboard is your favorite?

Mr Short says:

When these videos have no research (even surface level) behind them, what is the point?
Call your video something else if you’re not going to look at other brands/companies. As others have commented, where’s the Raptor 2? This is pretty close to being the best electric skateboard on the market right now for speed, range and much more.

nino mendoza says:

Clearly this guy got money from boosted!

Black Phillip says:

If you are serious about electric skateboarding you don’t buy Boosted Boards. Educate yourself and build your own. It’s easier​ than you think.

Jonuxas Tankas says:


Tyler Slayman says:

Was with u till u said it cost 1400

JustJack Media says:

great video but actually I ride the evolve skateboards and have tested both boosted and evolve and the evolve boards are cheaper, go faster, longer deck, longer range and all round more comfortable to ride. it is an Australian board but ships to anywhere i myself an a aussi thats how i got to finding out about the board. Anyway there are a tone of videos doing test between the evolve boards and the boosted boards.

Yo granny Tranny says:

The stealth is better than plus m8

Jju17 says:

What’s about Meepo wowgo ownboard etc … Best based on 4 esk8 is not really an excellent comprehensive review or whatever.

xCGNx InFusE says:

How about the Evolve Bamboo and Carbon?

hatedumb says:

Basically you can afford going on an electric skateboard if you have big money from YouTube. Riding an electric skateboard describes your wealth and can also be easily stolen if you live in any other city of the world. Yeah. No thanks.

C says:

Is this sponsored by Boosted or what? I thought the title said something about plural…

CJ Explored says:

just bought a wowgo 2s… guess ill find out what its capable of soon enough

Dr. Ognjen Markovic says:

Wow guys you are really not up to date

Gregory Veizades says:

How can Not be on this list. Seriously. It’s the only board that I know of that can still brake when the battery is full. Not to mention the endless ride mode is a killer app from both a feel and range aspect.

UltimateWinterGamer says:

I like how absolutely no one mentioned the enertion raptor 2. Same price as the boosted and yet it goes 30+ mph and has 25 mile range and is ip-65 .

KT Super 31 says:

Where is Spectra??
by the way stealth and mini x are far better than plus and the s

Wanda Pretorius says:

Wheres evolve?

FabioXCM says:


Naman Poddar says:

You should’ve added koowheel and pamelo. Cheaper and quiet goid in quality

Bryce Peltz says:

You’re missing one of the best brands out there, Evolve. I’ve been eyeing them for years and they’ve been ahead of Boosted since the beginning.

章子轩 says:

Practical and affordable electric skateboard,sale only $359:

Jay_homes13 says:

Ownboard was the best option for me. 25mph and 19miles range and waaayy cheaper

Sebastian Inusugtok says:

Budget boards? never go with the Maxfind

Slushii says:

Honestly, the Boosted Mini or the Inboard M1 are my two picks.

Go for Boosted for better qc. and a feeling of not worrying of warranty due to Boosted being a known company.

Go for Inboard if you want a combination of all of the mentioned boards and don’t care much for qc.

DerickSocal says:

My boosted plus is coming in about 3 weeks

GSHeverything _27 says:

EVOLVE is #1

Zero Tolerance says:

this sounds more like a commercial for overpriced skateboards with batteries. I think the reason for this “review” is because they were given free boards.

Chris Smith says:

You really gonna make a best E board video and not include evolve in the line up? SAD! Instant dislike

Vr Keufran says:

Where are Evolve skate?

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