The BEST Electric Skateboard EVER! Evolve Bamboo GTX

Evolve Bamboo GTX Review!
Use discount coupon “itwe4kz” at checkout to save $$ in North America
29 Mile Ride:

JPB – High [NCS Release]

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Alexey Poleff says:

Definitely a stylish piece of equipment))

rafasgoogle says:

Nice !

anton hollander says:

If you get the truck you do not get speed wobble

Denis Zhuravlev says:

31 mile? Don’t belive.

Austin Woods says:

Where can I get that Austin shirt??!

Joe Johnson says:

I ordered a meepo board. Not received it yet

nils pils says:

2:50 you get used to having jerky breaks, and you will learn you’re boards quirks if you use it enough

Benjamin Uranga says:

Great Video Great Review. You just helped me make up my mind, I’m getting this before the Leif.

John Drach says:

I wied the other day at about 20 mph. I wouldn’t want to go down at 26 lol

Mikeygeronimo says:

was interested until i heard the price. exit out.

Charlie Cokes says:

It goes 31 km not 31 miles…

Noel River says:

Would instantly buy

…if it wasnt almost the price of my car

Xavier Andre says:

Yeh Evolve boards are great until they don’t and then trying to get Evolve to actually do something about it. Have had two boards from them that ended up having “Batt Error”, the second one they wouldn’t replace. Great Board when it works…Customer Service and Execution needs work but still loved it when it worked.

Nishad Naik says:

Honestly I’ve had the carbon series and the boosted v2 dual plus but idk i prefer boosted overall

GameGooz says:

Fuck this music

CEO of YouTube says:

Does tall grass get stuck in the wheels?

Jed Teng says:

How much?

der_ray says:

Clickbait titles are bad and you should feel bad.

Hi H says:

Yo thanks to your coupon code I saved 100. Thank u so much for it as it helped buy it and use the rest of my hard earned money for faster shipping. Once again thank u for helping out

Chad Hansen says:

This thing vs a car?

fireclouD says:

Review the Backfire 2 galaxy

Cory Case says:

You trashing konoa for trying to bribe you has lead me to believe your reviews more than others. Not entirely sure if you’re 100%, but at least you won’t endorse something trashy.

Beelzebob the innocent says:

If it is such a great board why do I read so many posts about broken evolve boards , apparently the German’s honor the warranty but everywhere else the customer service SUX

kevin byvik says:

Be a man and get used to the speed, stop being a hipster and start being a man, please, we’re all tired of hipsters talking

_ Firebird-_ says:

Evolve is definitely the way to go than sucky Boosted Board with it’s very short range.. I wish I can return my Boosted. Folks, don’t but Boosted. You’ll be wasted your money. Get the GTX.

Run Deep says:

I like your honest reviews. Any chance you would like to review my product. I build Bluetooth high end speakers. Thanks.

Dan Rigsley says:

Still belt driven???lol

Akin Jakin says:

No mate it didnt ‘destroy the hill’, it was obviously slowing at the top to get up…. made me disbelieve the other things he said after that….

David J Partida says:

“quality checklist”
Bahahahaha. Evolve should not include one in the box. So many effing issues with their boards.


xavier wilson says:

Only white people would pay $2,000 for a long board. That company is smoking crack !

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