I take a look and review this very affordable electric skateboard, the meepo board. This is a board designed by Kieran over whose goal is to create quality electric skateboards at a low cost, and I gotta say, he is doing just that! The board is very comparable to more expensive boards on the market such as boosted board and inboard. What do you think of the meepo board?

Check out the meepo board here:
Andy’s channel is here:

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Nikon D5200:
Rokinon 8mm 3.5mm Fisheye:
Nikkor 35mm 1.8 Lens:
JOBY GorillaPod:
DJI Phantom 3 Standard:
►►►Longboard Setup:
Anonymous Feather:
Paris 180mm trucks:
Reds Bearings:
Arbor Mosh Wheels:
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Anti Petrolhead says:

You can download an app on your phone that works with GPS and it will tell your how fast your traveling.

DJ23 says:

Great video

Kyle Rapoza says:

Hi Ronnie. Thanks for this review! I enjoyed it and probably will buy one but I have one question. Have you clocked the max speed? I’d greatly appreciate this spec man. God bless and hope to hear back from you because I really want a good board on a budget!

The Real Nick Mak says:

I just uploaded a video of me doing some tricks for the give away! If you find it please excuse my heavy board

Ramon Lazo says:

Nice vid, bro. I look forward to your distance test. Maybe you should try hill grades (up and down) as well.
I ordered mine earlier this week. How long did you have to wait to get your Meepo board?

Lowell Productions says:

Hey man love the video. Looks like you filmed in the pentagon city area. Message me if you ever need an extra shooter.

Majed Os says:

How much do you weight?

soulforged789 says:

I was this close to buying one just now –> <-- but then again I just got a Loaded Icarus, mussssttt reeesssisssssttttt but so hard

Joe Johnson says:

Can’t wait for mine to arrive

Aurélien Original says:

Great review of the Meepo man! This board is really amazing! 🙂

Robin V says:

Hello ☺ Finally, I’ve decided to buy a freestyle board and I’m going to convince my parents to buy me an anonymous feather flex 2 (loaded tantien is too expensive for a beginner board). Going to wait for the christmas season maybe theres a chance that the feathers price would be much lower. It’s sad that it doesnt offer completes

RBassKaloqn4o says:

259 + 100 shiping

Basket Baller says:

I’m trying to land a shove it but I can’t put my front foot back on. How can I learn to commit?

Felix Green says:

Seems pretty decent, do a hill test too.

Moimoi Alba Hiro says:

Love the video bro its just missing the timelape of the city for a full casey style points XD

The Internet says:


GigaFrankyJ USA says:

Hey, go to reddit and look at my handle on there GigaFrankyJ
All about arrivals.
Ad a comment if you would like to to help the proccess.
My apologise I don’t know how to share a link of it on YouTube.
But, it’s there.

Niko Munoz says:

I really want this. I know this is one of the cheapest quality boards you can get but I still can’t afford. Anyway you can do a giveaway?

sporkinum says:

Real price… Subtotal $259.99
Shipping $109.50
Total $369.49 USD

kasra kaveh says:

How do you get one in the uk

Andy Masfar says:

13/10 would ride into mordor

Adeline Ng says:

What are the brakes like when you’re going fast? Is it too responsive and throws one off the board?

Andrew Vautour says:

Wear a helmet dude! You have to remember it’s a skateboard going like 35+ kph, you take a bad fall at that speed… I am ordering mine in less than two weeks now, counting down the days 🙂


Oh man hoping to get mine soon and check this board out! Nice vid!!

Moimoi Alba Hiro says:

1st for the 1st time

Matslionzz says:

Great review!

Aldo Jr says:

I order mine just waiting for it to ship

BoltonBornNbrad says:

Cool looking board, would love an electric board but the boostedboard is way too expensive. Might consider getting one of these

ademite says:

the ip with the two numbers after the first number is dust the second is water so it’s 1-9. Obviously 9 being the most dust/water proof. So in theory ip99 is highest dust/water proof if that makes sense.

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