The BEST Affordable Electric Skateboard Ever?

The BEST Affordable Electric Skateboard Ever?
Save $105 on ACTON Blink S:
RocketSkates Review:

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voodoochild511 says:

Their international delivery is way too expensive (200 dollars) !!! I prefer to pay more but get free shipping to buy myself the raptor 2… If the delivery was free I would have bought this one though

Akmal Vlog says:

699 bruh really it’s expensive for me

wonton says:

just get a badass fixie

Reality ツ says:

“Affordable” lol

JP RC says:

I built my own electric board for $80

Lattrodon says:

electric longboards are a waste of money

Lex Rodriguez says:


Dino Anthony Escutin says:

Great job on the review! Exactly my thoughts for the blink S as well

FPV Danes says:

You said ‘Affordable’….

Jesse Patterson says:

to the people complaining about the price. This is a small piece of wood that propels you 15-20mph. You don’t want a cheap vesc or esc that will fry when you overload it from braking hard at speed. my 2c.

Chuck U Farley says:

Lou board $250

kryptoniteee says:

What the fuck has this got to do with tweaking my iphone?

Tanner Bott says:

As a user who had their rocket skates i can say their products are shit, after 3 months of use my rocket skates died and they refused to repair them. also at the time of posting this comment their site appears to be down…so thats also saying a lot…

PhilGood says:

digging the channel man!! subscribing for sure! keep it up!

Jeff Couret says:

how much do you weigh? I haven’t gotten past 15.7mph yet but I am 210+

SurpriseCSGO says:

affordable=1000 dollars?

Stefan de Jong says:

$999? You must be the kind of guy that thinks iPhones are cheap aswell ;D

kaaaaahle says:

Acton is a joke of a company. Chinese crap rebranded and sold for a premium. Also horrible customer service. Do not buy from Acton.

Yak says:

I got this board in the indiegogo campaign for $300. Came with a backpack and extra charger too!

I Suck At Everything says:

I saw this literally 4 days ago lol

Andante says:

Earlier in the video you said you’re going to test hills, but never did. Would like to see a video of that along with the gradient of the hill. Also, what’s your range on pro mode?

DJ Vinzell says:

Like your videos man! Electric skateboards will definitely be the future out there

Tasha Hathaway says:

My son wanted this for his 10th bday, do you recommend this for kids?

Brandon Studios says:

Wow I forgot $600 is “affordable”

Sandy Taylor says:

Or, instead of dropping 600+ on an electric skateboard, you could invest in 150-250 dollars worth of equipment and learn how to make your own electric skateboard for a hell of a lot cheaper.

I spent a total of $200 on everything (motor, board, wires and other necessities an electric skateboard needs) while learning more about engineering and building motor-based machines. It’s a hell of a lot more fun getting to learn a new skill and building such a cool thing than it is spending upwards to a few thousand dollars on an electric skateboard.

The Legend34 says:

the #2 longest rider on the app is my neighbor lol

8,643 watching says:

If you truly despise me, get me to 1,000 subscribers and i’ll resign from presidency.

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