Thanks to Winboard, they have provided me with a sneak peak at their new electric skateboard called “Panther”. Here’s all the details!


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Shane Symonds says:

Liked and subbed. Great video! I enjoyed the action shots. Yes it is true that all of the Chinese boards have the same parts but that is what makes them more affordable which is appealing to many. They definitely have their place in the market just like this panther does.

Og's Vlogs says:

Great video mate keep up the good work you are a great role model

Thomas Jepsen says:

Are you gonna check out the new Backfire G2S? It’s 550 dollars

Ben Lane says:

whos here from tfue

korling99 says:

looks like a predator banshee

Stefan0man says:

Winboard, Halo board, and a few others were clones of clones for so long. I still see the similar remote display, board shape/design. At least they put a larger battery pack in. The old ones can go about 10-12 miles or about 20 kilometers. So 30ks – 18 miles is nice.

Locki Bunter says:

Hey, I’ve seen the board on their Australian website and the board costs $1049 Aud. Was the price you stated ($1449) a mistake or am I mistaken?

Average Joe says:

How big r the wheels

Logan Cooner says:

Nice but I’ll keep my Raptor 2.

Trident Editing says:

Try and test out the Lynx by WINboard. Looks very cool and is inexpensive. I have a predator banshee and would like to see how they compare.

Matty Leadfoot says:

Heya Jay. is your website under construction?
It was looking like a template. It’s full of lorem ipsum.

Josh dimovski says:

When the Jed board comes out can you do an update video?

Anti Petrolhead says:

I always clean my board off after riding it. It still looks new.

박인철 says:

I always love your review. Check out the cruise control mode. While accelration, press the saw tooth button on the remote and it will keep you going. You will love it~!! It makes ya concentrate on the carving while just holding your remote for emergency brakes.

Nicolai Sanne says:

promo code or discount code for purchase ?

Crooze Electric Wheels says:

Great comments Jay…For anyone wanting to Demo this board on the Gold Coast/Brisbane, come check it out in store today! Jay’s observations are 100% on the money and this board offers awesome value for it!!

ESk8 Squad says:

Interesting. They will be sending the Jaguar to me? I guess their new line of boards? Are these budget boards getting better?

Electric Surf Sports says:

Nice video review, lost me at the price point though.

fayyazb says:

Really COOL! So what are your TOP 5 E-Skateboards?

MDSsystems says:

sweet board sweet review ,,,,but id rather go metroboard for that price you could get belt drive and 27 miles range but that’s just my opinion

Joakim Brusen Bisballe says:

If it has none flex, don’t​ your legs get tired after a short period of time of riding?

_Ridge _ says:

The promo shots would’ve looked a little better when it was new lol. Regardless great video

Derek Adkins says:

Picked mine up from Jesse last night. Super happy with the build quality, looks and price. And I’m keen to get it out on a decent long run this weekend. Thanks for the great review!

Manny Martinez says:

How is the new esc working? I’ve seen so many boards with that esc and i was thinking of ordering a dual one for my dual 6374 eboard. Great review by the way.

Cody B says:

Did I miss it? What is the range?

Locki Bunter says:

Have you had any problems with this board since you purchased it?

jamie banks says:

Blue tonged skink

Hcildwold says:

There’s a youtube channel that gave me this code RMEF6 you get free stuff you purchase a board

YanzoDaDon says:

Eboards that split the esc and battery compartment I just don’t understand like make the battery pack span the whole deck and make it flex like come on…

Zinkor from Mars says:

What a beautiful remote, very slick design, almost looks like a next gen car key. Also you should see if you can get your hand on the new Arc Finlix, they seem quite similar


Hey Jay, since you are about to travel to NY (possibly over 24 hours, bring wipes and change of clothes), please review the Boosted Stealth. We would like to hear your opinion on it in comparison with your Bamboo GT and Raptor 2 esk8boards.

Thanks to you, we purchased our first esk8board, the Wowgo 2S (we took the risk). Initially, we like the board but there are a few things I don’t like the more I ride it. Firstly, the hub motors’ wheels are uncomfortable when it run over cracks. Secondly, the remote doesn’t have a deadman’s switch. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

Now, with the Boosted board, many skaters claim that it provides a comfortable ride. Also, some of them like the reverse feature after braking. Moreover, of course, the remote control has a deadman’s switch. These are things that our Wowgo 2S lacks. I’m pondering about getting the Boosted Stealth as our second board. I also like the Evolve GTX off-road but I’m hearing too many complaints about connectivity. Is it a faulty ESC problem?

Reap the rewards, bro (mate).

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