Tested In-Depth: Boosted Electric Skateboard!

Many futuristic ideas seem too farfetched to be practical, but this electric skateboard really works and turned out to be both fun and useful. Norm learns to skate with the Boosted electric longboard and we discuss how this board is more than just motors and batteries attached to a normal longboard.

Thanks to Jeremy Williams for shooting some of our outdoor footage for this video!

Learn more about the Boosted board at http://www.boostedboards.com


animefun12 says:

im selling my enertion raptor dual motor, contact if interested, it goes faster and is stronger

Captain Randalls says:

it always makes me really nervous when people ride these around and look totally uncomfortable on them like he does in the shots they got. he said it took him 10 minutes to get comfortable, i say he never did. He should stick to a normal long board instead of one that goes 20mph and could hurt someone

ׅ says:

remake on v2 maybe?

KA Persona says:

Can’t remove the battery cell? WEAK! #1 issue with this device –
and… No way to add an extended battery to the bare space under the board? weak.

Rezwan Hossain says:

plz test inboard

Eric M says:

Hey Norm go ride in nyc with Casey Neistat! you will learn quick or ride an ambulance.

lankylives says:

I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with Boosted Board when other electric skate boards have triple the range and are faster?

Alex Macdonald says:

waterfall is flowing upwards in the intro section- Edit fail.

Claire Evergreen says:

OK several things which concern me about this ‘review’
1. Do the belts not allow you to coast or does it go into a regenerative braking slow down? (if you let the board coast does it slow down automatically)
2. Why no mention of all the other electric boards which all look the same? Why focus on this without any mention of the other options?
3. Is this actually a sponsored video, did you buy this board yourself and are testing it or were you given this board by boosted?

Chris Stevers says:

Would have loved to see Will’s fat man child body try to do something that is similar to a sport. I just hate Will so much and would love to watch all of the Tested vids but he ruins every one he is in. Reddit seems to agree with me. He thinks he is an expert on everything but in reality he is a master of nothing, has zero social skills, and is a visual burden for lack of a better term.

Bleed inSkull says:

What you talking about? A good skateboard is usually $80-100. $200 skateboards are flashy skateboards with ink-printed grip tape, a limited edition Revive deck, titanium bearings, titanium hollow indy trucks, and limited edition spitfire wheels.

Android_ Gaming says:

its too heavy cause you are weak asian

hilonate says:

Hey guys, check out +bostonvlogs he does great videos on electric longboarding and has a true passion for it. Make sure you subscribe to him and check out his channel for all kinds of cool stuff #electricskateboardcompetition

Assaultlife5.56 says:

Norm was doing a great job wit the review. The other dude, he was being loud and fucking annoying. Geez, man. Learn to work with others, better!

Aidan Grieve says:

He looks so fucking unnatural on the board lol

Ze Pepe says:

That Asian guy is a huge nerd

Leon Kispert says:

Am I the only one who noticed that the waterfall went backwards ?!!

MisterSir says:

6 mile range? pointless.

for the expense, better to buy an electric scooter, or normal bike, or just electric motorcycle

Grejdan Mihai says:

YOu can test it after you test others…or how the fuck will you tell the diference between other boards ?

şafak türk says:

How many degree slope can it go ?

1Pct says:


Chris Doody says:

Hey guys! boosted board 2 is coming out soon use this link if you want $100 off!

Alex Choe says:

https://igg.me/at/ACTONBLINK/x/15511326 Check this new board on the market! It’s half the price right now!

Sherfky Shank says:


Mobile Gaming says:

Why was he crouching on the board when he was going like 3mph

UGKisback says:

ya’ll are awkward

snyderjason14 says:

HAHAHAHA, I’m sorry but this guy riding it is the biggest pussy skater iv ever seen. This is for people who want to go fast, not losers who are scared.

Gonen levy says:

With which material it is produced?

PhantomTheif says:

15 pounds too heavy? Even on a backpack? Nah bro, I think it would be more of an annoyance because of how big it is trying not to break something not so much heavy.

braun badass says:

id like to see it in a steep up hill scenario

Taylor Torres says:

Are you able to turn or steer the board manually without the remote? Like when it’s off.

Cameron Bell says:

Just reserved my boosted board 2nd gen, can’t wait. This link will give you $100 off your order and $100 off mine: http://boostedboards.com/?ct-referral-code=ei2qO1AK

Shisui Uchiha says:

But that price tho!

eğlence kanalı says:

my turkish

Cameron Hud says:

A good longboard is like 300 thats not “WOW SOO expensive” to me a college student

DenisErchov says:

the Evolve carbon gt is way better getting one in a month or two

Jared Smigiel says:

It bothers me deeply how slow he is going. And he’s acting like he’s actually riding it at a normal speed.

PhantomTheif says:

1000 watts of power? Watts isn’t used to measure the capacity of electricity bro xD.

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