Teamgee H6 Electric Skateboard | ULTRA Thin!

Pretty cool design on this electric longboard, just wish a few things were different…
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Nick Leskin says:

Hi Talon,
Could you please review a Neja eboard? It’s self balancing. Thanks for the video!

steven benavides says:

The vibration is from the Hall sensor… Issue with the sensor. unplug them and test again.

janis klavins says:

Hey unboxed new meepo v2

Dayton Przewrocki says:

Anyone know what app Talon uses to see his max speed and distance traveled?

The All-Seeing Eye says:

thats a good board for germany where its illegal to use electric skateboards

sorie kondi says:

love me a pintail

Muutschie says:

There is one important fact you should mention. In a lot of countries electric Skateboards are forbidden (e.g. Germany). There it is a huge advantage to have a stealth like electric longboard like the teamgee h6.
I don‘t know if it is made for that purpose but this fact makes me feels better instead of using the Meepo with a massive Batterie pack underneath the board.

JD says:

This board is perfect for countries where riding electric skateboards is illegal. Nobody will see or hear it is electric and because of the hub motors you can just push it like a regular skateboard if you see a cop…
Kind regards from Amsteram

Chris Post says:

hey man! was wondering what sunglasses you are wearing?

Mark Hillenaar says:

Awesome stuff bro! But…. what happens when the battery is end of life? Can’t replace so board becomes useless… right? This is one of the reasons why I went with the Predator Banshee 2.0

Kimo Ibrahim says:

Thank you so much for your support

Tony Hoang says:

teamgee h9 on indeigogo for 450

kaspetto says:

haha, we have the same shoes. great vid thanks

Jake Daniels says:

Nice! You should review the new backfire 2 with the 96mm wheels

ShredLights says:

You should review some ShredLights! I sent you an email but I’m sure it got lost among many others… Email us!

Matthew s says:

I was really hoping this board would be amazing but I guess there is always room for improvement! Keep up the good work!

Daily Ritual says:

Bruh, can you give some advice on how to conceal carry while still wearing slimmer fitting clothes? I wear slimmer clothing and always feel like I’m printing when I carry. Appendix just in case you’re wondering.

J P says:

Swap the LCD for a OLED. The idea of the torch is great just needs a really powerful one , loads off 750-1000 lmn ones out there.

Jacob Mccreary says:

I know it’s off the videos topic but you should review some compact handguns, I know you prefer shooting full sized but your opinion on some compact handguns would be appreciated. Like the xds by springfield

TheSilentGhostReaper says:

I guess Sensei did not like this eboard…huhuhuh! I just got mine and my own review…I am guessing you don’t use this anymore Sei?

Tomas Herrera says:

Another board?

amir HR says:

update on subaru xv pls

reef Gratos says:

i worry about battery safety and fire hazard. What are they using to protect and conceal the battery?
if the lithium pouches is exposed to hit, it can seriously blow up. could you dismantle one and show us how the battery is placed?

i hope they are using some solide plates on both side with anti vibration anti shock layer to protect the battery from physical damage.

and yes, i would prefer a different shape deck.. i don’t like pintail. i prefer something with a kicktail for a better turn bout a cruiser?

i hope one day they will use magnesium battery.. they are much better and safer than lithium

SuperFuzzmonkey says:

Couldn’t hear or see any vibrations……

Yanci Gonzalez says:

Hey I live here in Miami as well liftboard dual motor is very popular…what do you think about it……..

Bill Mancuso says:

What app do you use for those data points?

Rygar Gaming says:

what app do you use on these test?

Nitron Live Gamer says:

Hey, just wanted to thank you much for all your reviews. Loved your details on all the boards. I am in the market in looking on my first board and I believe for the price and quality it is the wowgo
2S is my main selection. Hoping to get it in 2 weeks. I just wish Amazon would sell them so I wouldn’t have to wait so long for delivery. Once again great job on all your reviews and thanks again.

William Knapp says:

Review the bolt motion board

Malte Neumann says:

teemo board pls 😀

Tobias Paulert says:

Wow, I got my board after a long waiting cause of the logistic to Germany. The Team of team gee was pretty amazing in that situation. At least we wrote daily and after some days I got it. But … fuck… how amazing is that H6? I read a lot of reviews but I am more than satisfied with that cool e-skateboard. It is thin than all my other boards and the way to push it electric is pretty awesome. If you like boarding and surfing… take it. Do not wait! Aloha SP

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