TeamGee H6 Electric Skateboard | Product Review

TeamGee H6 Electric Skateboard

This was a pretty ok board. Nothing too crazy here but the design was certainly innovative though I think it sacrificed a little bit of power to hide the battery. Overall a good board though if you’re just into cruising around for a few miles.

Since these reviews aren’t very fun I think I’m going to start putting up 2 videos in a week if I do a review so look out for a how to in the next couple of days!

As always, thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time! 🙂

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Kevin D says:

I’m assuming the light on the remote is for the road

xxx xxx says:

Loving the videos



simtel 55555 says:

I have been skating for a lonv time, and cant seem to progress, any help?

Joshakazam says:


Fishman 02 says:

why do u keep pausing after each phrase?

brendalg4 says:

You should post a link to their website. Also say how much it costs

crazydyson says:


Windex Bottle says:

Defaulty boi

Right Half forward says:

Its a longboard

Jose Nauar says:


Right Half forward says:

First like and dislike

Edgar Noe Loza says:

How much does it cost

I.T.P.G says:

realy dude?
a 5 minutes review video after about three weeks?!?
youre gotta start posting some more videos its so annoying that i have to wait so freaking long!
you could redo your ollie and kickflip vids, you could so a vid about how to change stances, sooo many things and instead i just got… that… after three weeks…

I suck duck Drug says:


AnacondaHunter says:

nice vid man! keep it up

Vipas says:

Very cool

Barbu Barbu says:


Jihad Talib says:

Make a video of you going street skete plz

plaintivecomic 73 says:

You should make a video of you going street skating

Its vocktive says:


umokay gamer says:

love your videos dude keep it up im new skate boarding and you’ve helped me alot once agian man thanks =]

Prathamesh Ingle says:

Buying a best skateboard

Maryjoy Intese says:


Jin Is Lifeu says:

notice me vlskate ;-; I love your videos T_T

Flithy Frank. says:

Today we are reviewing the gay board

Eno says:

The board in itself is pretty nice, but to me it doesn’t matter where the battery is. The remote looks really nice though.

RaishyBombaishy says:

Hey I love your vids

Julian Suarez says:

Amazing review

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