Swagboard NG-1 Electric Skateboard – Full Review! – tylerf

Here is my full review of the Swagboard! Enjoy!

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Swagtron T1 Review: https://youtu.be/1oB0gyq6JzI

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dose this board is better then Acton blink lite please can you answer

Jeff 21 says:

how long does a swagboard charge

Kainoa Castillo says:

Tyler can I use some of your riding footage for my review/rant since I can’t actually ride mine due to technical errors

Chill Simmbah says:

I have this board and it really good for its price the control that he has is old I got my and it had a control ten times better

FonzySwagz says:

swagboard goes to slow for me.. GET A GENESIS ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD!;)

carlos constain says:

Nice vid! Great review!

Joe Kyser says:

highly suggested to always wear gloves!! haha

LordUkkepulk says:

Will you do a review for the new Acton boards when they come out?

Yun Eec says:

Can I have a shout out plz and nice video

CreeperCraft 10 says:

Great review!

Salamander Workshop says:

nice review

Taiyo Fukuda says:

Nice hat

Jeff 21 says:

it can brake

MilkCap says:

Kids toy.

ChristianR says:

Yay! I have a new channel!

STONEDay says:

Just saw this in store for $200 CDN, worth it?

Miguel Juan Bartolo says:

boosted board on amazon 600-700 euros

The Ian A Narwhal says:

how come u showed the note 7 3 times and the hoverboard 3 times

karen skrtic says:

I’m on your brothers football team Seymour Warner football if u are reading this tell him i said hi

RC Adventures says:

would you recommend this product to get Me to work every day

RC Adventures says:

does the speed have different options for how fast it’s going and also for the brakes

extreme kid says:

how do you charge controlls

LukasEmanuel says:

How is the board holding up?
Does it still work?

Chronophy says:

hey I wanted to know, is there any way to turn off cruise control, cause when I turn it off the skateboard slows down suddenly

HexarGaming says:

Is there a way to make the battery last longer than longer?

Hunter LeftNut says:

That’s gonna be mine for Christmas!

Salamander Workshop says:

does the remote ever go out of range or not work for no reason while rideing also if you were to go over a speed bump or something would the bottom/battery hit? Lastly couuld you take off the trucks and battery and mount the whole system onto a deffenet board if you wanted to? also could you possibly remove the wheel that has the motor on it if it ever wears out?

German Shepherd says:

I was wondering if that thing still up and kicking. I weigh 170 pounds wondering if it will be able to take me around enough small hills. I have a ACTON blink for but it’s really unpredictable wondering if the remote in working without Borders a lot better

Vineet Yerramsetti says:

is this good on hills or can it handle decent hills

bruceleroyjr says:

I just got the Swagboard Voyager. Check out my unboxing video and first ride video:

RC Adventures says:

is it still working good for you

Sam Troyer says:

ive seen some amazon reviews of this thing, says that it dies after a week or so. how is it going for you?

Jeff 21 says:

should that remote have display screen

Erik Viking says:

Well done!
Nice tight little video with all pertinent information not belabored…

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