Smallest electric skateboard

We’re showing you a closer look at the Spectra, a tiny electric skateboard.



Dan Rigsley says:

i dont trust it without a controller.

yue hou says:

just came back from my first ride on the advanced. It was very hard to have a full stop because the sensors are not well positioned, where you have to really stand on your front foot toes, literally, nothing just toes at the very front edge of the board. Also, when you hop off the board, no matter you are going slow or fast, it dashes a little bit forward before it becomes a full stop.

Ben O'Brien says:

Recently got a board of my own, could do with it being smaller aha

professor Mango says:

There is a setting on the app that does so you can push with your foot.

Lillian says:

Interesting. I’m glad you did this as a New Yorker. I live/work in Manhattan, and was considering this because it’s small and doesn’t look electric. I can spot e-skateboards because, among many things, the rider has the remote in-hand. This would be great to go into stores, the office, and should you come upon crowded sidewalks, rough streets, etc., it can be carried with their backpack. If you still have it, I will buy it. If not, I’ll skip buying it from Spectra. Great review.

William Alexander says:

Its not worth 1k sorry man

Mohammed Khumri says:

I’d wish he had made this video before the campaign was almost over.
Now i have backed an overpriced, no good, son of a Tesla eboard.

I know it’s my own fault

at least it looks cool 😉

sparki qi says:

In the Spectra Campaign, I have figured out,the big problem is the dimension.

Hans Schmidt says:

You are wierd

Martin Běhůnek says:

What el. longboard would you recommend the most?

Dan Arden says:

should try a good eboard..
evolve are way better then boosted

Raphael says:

if they just made a bloody controller it would be perfect

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