Slick Revolution Urban Kick Electric Skateboard Review

Slick Revolution Urban Kick Electric skateboard

In this video, we take a look at the latest electric skateboard, the Urban Kick it offers more power and range than the original Flex-Eboard, the Urban Range is suited to anyone looking for a top spec eboard with a choice of feature-packed decks. Small and portable or ultimate control with a kicktail. Decks will be available in the future allowing you to swap decks over if you fancy changing your style.

On the board itself, you will notice the battery attached to the board, on the battery, there’s a charging port, USB port for charging your tech and a battery indicator light. In the box, you get a remote control that features an array of functions and settings. On the control, you can change speed, braking intensity or how harsh you brake for safety, it also shows you the board’s battery status and the remote’s battery level, plus more. There’s also a switch to change direction and to get it moving you have to press the trigger and top button at the same time so you don’t accidentally move.

For specs, if you have 83mm wheels installed you can reach up to 22mph and if you have the 110mm wheels, you can reach up to 25mph. During my tests, I was able to reach 17mph before running out of road to keep going. For range, you can do up to 15 miles, so you can easily ride it to work, have it on charge and get back home too.

For performance on road, you can ride it on various road surfaces, even on grass but with less speed. When riding uphill, you can get it on up to 20% which is pretty decent and good for London roads for example. you get 3-speed modes and 3-braking modes which I really like, it means there’s something for everyone. The Ubran Kick takes about 5 hours to charge, again, that’s enough time in the office to get back up to speed. For ergonomics, it feels solid with 8 PLY deck, OS780 Corundum grip tape and generally feels solid and safe. Whilst going straight is easy, turning and corners is also very easy depending on how lose the trucks are.

The Urban Kick is designed for Speed freaks, adrenaline junkies, whatever you call yourself, if speed, torque
and range are your thing then this is the one for you. You get top quality cells, top performing maple deck and plenty of customisation available. This is a high performing fast electric skateboard and it is suitable for steeper gradients, heavier riders and everything in between.

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Camera Kit:
Sony A7S II
Metatabone adaptor for Canon lenses
Canon EF 24-70 mm f/4 L IS USM Lens
Sennheiser Wireless EW 100-ENG G3
RØDE VideoMic Pro
MacBook Pro 15
Samsung Portable SSD T5 1TB


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