SKULLBOARD S2 Review: $500 Off-Road Electric Skateboard

Hitting the trail with the SKULLBOARD S2… Check it out at:

Visit for interactive acceleration/speed charts and our drag race simulator.

• Drone:
• Orange TSG Helmet:
• Triple 8 Helmet:
• Dark Blue Shoes:
• Light Blue Shoes:
• Green Jacket:

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miłosz łaciak says:

Do OneWheel review. I think it’s the best electric “skateboard” to off-road

DanieI Joseph says:

Why isn’t the best board you can buy (Evolve Bamboo GTX or Carbon) on your list 0:57? As it has true on road & off road wheels!

LongIslandADED. says:

Where is it made ?

The Welsh Dragon says:

Hub motors can’t deliver the torque necessary for pure off road fun

California RV Dreamin says:

Make it a AWD and give it a longer wheelbase and a bigger battery …like a meepo AWD GT.

Marshall R. says:

looks decent for where im at, big city but as soon as you leave the center there is no street or bike lane that isn’t fully destroyed ~

Joseph Gomez says:

Please please please review the Meepo AWD GT!!! It looks like a monster and it will be if its stats are real.

o_wildstyle_o says:

I don’t see these things as AWD-Tires… they probably do well as street tires, for rough streets and sidewalks in big cities?
are they comfortable?
are they safer than normal skateweels?? (cracks/little obstacles)

would be pretty nice to hear your feedback!! .D

Aaron Huang says:

Whats the range on the DIY Foosted Board?

Kevin Lin says:

Will you guys be playing with “super high end” boards like the LaCroix, MetroBoard, Carvon..etc?
You guys have the best production value and the most honest and scientifically accurate reviews, and you deserve more than just Chinese budget boards.
I mean you have the Raptor 2 as the bench mark, but theres no reviews on that : (

Mike Bowles McPherson says:

Great video again. Can you please update your scoreboards with the foosted board with the 2 versions ( ie FOC & BLDC setup). Really curious how it holds up in the BLDC mode since you recommend this, but always flaunt with the FOC setup 😉

I’ve bought all the parts and will assemble this weekend 🙂 thanks for the tutorial!

Professor Buttons says:

Where is Juice at?

grdrddd10092 Mich says:

Soo… What stops me from putting the wheels of this board on the diy foosted that i allready built? So that i can have that off road capability.

P.s. i used as a deck the loaded poke instead of the vanguard for the foosted

Nathan Gaither says:

Can you test the ranger 2??

Laszlo Siba says:

no wonder their fake reddit accounts are spamming their nonsense for days now
another slow piece of garbage from china

RoboHive says:

Shocker, hubs + large wheels don’t go together, especially in 2wd. Keep up the only good esk8 reviews on youtube.

Super SOKE says:

Goose poop

Troll the People says:

Holy shit you’re channel is well made. Every vid I check how many subs you have. I always guess within 200K and then I see 5K and I’m like “what the Fuck are people doing, watch this “

Dallin Dworczyk says:

Would these wheels and board work well in snowy areas too?

Dave Ruttman says:

I think Meepo Is using those same motors on their V2 Plus 97mm wheels Hopefully we will be able to get those rubber wheel sleeves soon.. Meepo”s ESC/remote has 4 Riding modes #4 Pro mode has very good torque even with the big wheels.

Sergio Oceguera says:

Good review.

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