Riptide Electric Skateboard – First Look

Eric from RIPTIDE Electric Skateboards stopped over with 3 boards to play with. SWEET! Super sweet they allowed me to give you guys a first look at it. I got word that they are going to send over a final production unit for review too. #AWESOMESAUCE!

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Jackyjo007 says:

Anyone Knows MS Tech? If you do, you know why I mentionned it…

marçal gutierrez balle says:

When is it coming out?

Shadley Joanis says:

I was just about to type this in the search box, nd it’s first on my suggestion

Richard Grenfell says:

Why do they call vegetarian food vegetarian , when its not made of vegetarians ? – Just asking

iphonian says:

I got a boosted v1 dualplus, need something smaller and more portable. does this fit the bill?

can it go reverse?
how well does the brakes work?
does it accelerate as smooth as boosted?

Adrian Moore says:

I love the childish excitement on your face when riding. Its great to live a life where you feel that at any age!

Rayzen7g says:

Hey man, can you help me choosing my electric skateboard ? I saw genesis, juiced, backfire and Boosted of course. I’m a beginner, and want one to go to school every days about 3 miles a day. Boosted looks a bit expensive, but for the others i don’t know the best. Genesis looks great with black wheels but bad reviews on it, have you got one ? Thanks

adt3030 says:

good vid! Mellow is in NYC soon. you should meet up with them.

OXBMAD says:

What’s your favorite board or which one would you recommend

MaV3ŕiCk PoWėLL says:

Yamaha may have some issues w/ the names of these boards.

Big Kids says:

In regards to trust I think Riptide/Shredlights is a company you can stand by! They know what they are doing because their company was birthed from DIY scene. So yeah, Preston, I can only imagine that this board is way more solid than the Yuneec Ego and maybe the Acton. Man, I’d love to test one out 🙂

– Neil

Chris Bartow says:

Don’t encourage “showtime” by including them in the vlog. Worst part about NYC subways.

BRYGUY17 says:

0:04 whats the song?

hadi allahbakhshi says:

Any plans on reviewing any boards by evolve?

Greg The Great says:

pretty great video Preston
as always keeping it real

Sufal Deb says:

damn i might pick up some shred lights for my board

3dBoard Gamer says:

Did you film this with a gopro? You have really good video quality. Always enjoy your vids

Bruh Bruh says:

out of all your electric skateboards would you say the backfire v2 is the best?

Danny M says:

Just saw it on Indiegogo for $500

SmartOrder says:

They all made in china. if you go to Taobao you can see they all share same parts

Milan Sastry says:

Why do you wear that hat so weird

jerusdc says:

Nice to see you riding the Backfire! Can’t wait to get mine

KHALID Al muzini says:

There is this board called lectric ls do you know anything about it? It’s supposed to be really good with a 450$ price point

Konsta Lyytikäinen says:

Nice vid, keep up the good work.

obroadwa1 says:

Press Reset I’m looking at the Backfire and the Riptide. This will be my second board and I like the price range on both. If you were spending your own $ which would you get?

MY world my way visuals says:

So what’s the back fire results

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