Ride1Up Electric Skateboard Unboxing & Review. Best Electric Longboard 2019.

Whats shaking homies so today I got my new favorite Electric Skateboard up for unboxing and review. This is the Ride1Up board and it is really amazing. This is my first board that has a kicktail and also first board to feel this comfortable and safe. This Electric skateboard has great specs and even though it is super fast has a safe amount of torque and great brakes. This board was sent to me courtesy of Ride1up and I can not thank them enough. This video was not paid for and it is just my unbiased review. They also offer 2 other deck options you can check out this board as well as the others made by Ride1Up here https://ride1up.com/boards/?fbclid=IwAR16iDV0KXB9Jhtu6JDSiKANsPGPjZxWlnzAw9Ysi1hKNb3Y_RnxvR7RykI Follow them on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/ride1up/ I hope you guys like the video and thank for watching.

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Caden_Da_SQUAD says:

cool vid

The only Esk8r in Leitrim zin says:

What esc do they use

Ryan says:

Bro this shit wild we live in the same town

Caden_Da_SQUAD says:

Can you make a cheap electric skate board vs expensive electric board

Thebeasttheam says:

Why was your channel so much more popular a year ago compared to now I think your content is better

Spinner Mad says:

Thats the coolest electric board i have seen


Hey Dylan, great video again. Thanks for some great content ! How’s the Vestar Board going ? Are you still ridding it ? Iv just passed 500km on my V1 if ok can I share my link to my 500km review ?


Cheers and let me know what you think

Keep up the awesome work !!


kevin Kix says:

I want to get a longboard but not sure since there’s so many longboards. Is that longboard still you’re favorite?

MDSsystems says:

sooooo fricken close to that silver play button !!!!

GAproductions says:

Can you manually push it or roll down some hills to get the charge back up?

imports rok says:

We’ll still not a sage.. but still cool

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