Onan X2 Review – Onan x2 Booster Electric Skateboard Motor

In my Onan X2 Review I discuss the pros and cons of this electric skateboard motor.


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Terry says:

I feel it’s a little pricey due to the fact that I’m paying for the board and having to do the labor of assembly. Their is no app connection. Yes all these things you’ve already warned us about should come in at about $500 max is my opinion solely.

vincent balasabas says:

95 kilos? how tall are you?

S M says:

I have built 3 boards DIY and have two years of experience riding them, this thing looks bumpy as hell with those rear wheels, and the inconsistent acceleration suggests it will overheat after getting up its first hill…the overheating problem is a real issue because the motors will cut out or burn out and it’s dangerous (i’ve done it).
For the price its selling I would be very skeptical about the quality/capacity of the batteries used as my DIY battery packs cost almost as much as that whole board (and I buy from China). If you want a real board that can handle everyday use you have to spend the money this is for kids who want take it to the park for 20 mins.

dumwaldo says:

If I could thumbs up a video twice I would do it for this video. Outstanding work thank you very much for the contribution.

Arne Bornheim says:

What I called unpredictable and weird acceleration is actually a feature that I did not know about.
When Just putting the trigger up all the way it will accelerate slowly ( also safely and saves battery). When then pulling back and pushing back the trigger the board will go into full speed mode.

I triggered this mechanism by accident and thought it was just weird behavior… Thanks to @Andrew Penman for pointing this out!

Julien Talbot says:

Really good review !

Thank you for this video

Tech Shot says:

AR Tech Squad

ItsMEguideman says:

hate when Chinese rip off original ideas but hey they always do that with cheaper/lower price/quality 🙂
p.s. checked recently one mellow in hamburg, great peace of tech

Byron Leigh-Davies says:

This is a copy of the mellow board

Andrew Penman says:

Hey Arne )) Great review I’m currently reviewing the Onan X2 on my YouTube Channel here in Australia )) and I had some incredible responses too )) it’s going to be a wonderful competitor and nemesis to the guys at Mellow (( in Germany there where you are .. with regard to the acceleration… yep took me a while to work out what was going on..,
Ok .. what it is is a very clever sophisticated exhilaration design .. to assist the battery in its management of a amperage to the motors… and current limiters to dissipate heat …that “slower take up speed” is purposely built in … its also very clever safety mechanism so you can’t get “jerked” off or “thrown off” with those 2,200 W motors when travelling at 30klm an hour… now ..you can tweak around that by “double pushing” the throttle… and then it will “bite” and accelerate.. but as you rightly said ….it can be very dangerous… I do get what you’re saying with the charging port but that way it is totally waterproof hidden inside the battery housing … )) great work )) cheers Andrew

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