New York City Electric Skateboard Ride (50+ Boards)!

I rode the Boosted Stealth to one of the biggest eskate meetups we’ve had yet in NYC. Comment below if you were there!


Patricio Appel says:

bro, you look like Shroud’s big brother! epic ride btw

SPatelProductions says:

Love these videos man

Jason Latorre says:

Good video wish I could have made it on this ride.

Dominic Darpino says:

Awesome video Sam! You are definitely stepping up the editing, sound and music. Keep up the vlog like videos they are great!

Charlie Baker says:

God damn bad ass!

Dagley Media says:

I’m going to buy a Ronin-S too.

Mateo Toro says:

if you record at 60fps why isnt your shutter at 1/125th?

Miguel Chong says:

I wanna know about the sunglasses. Does anyone have info? Thanks

Rahim Dhalwani says:

likes for pubg comments for fortnite

ShirishTheIndian says:

its videos like this that makes me want to come up to NYC and ride with everyone again, eboard community is just amazing

Andrea Patti says:


Adam J. Perlaki says:

Great video. I especially liked the selection of music. Well done.

Jonathan Richey says:

I should move to NY and create a guided city tour where everyone gets to ride a boosted board….would be way more fun than sitting in those big red buses!

Ronnie Sarmiento says:

It was great riding with you, Sam! I gotta come back up for the next one! 😀

Michael Rollins says:

Sam, you rock.

David Johnson says:

You know this looks really fun and I would to participate in a group ride like this.
However being in Atlanta and having this many people in a ride, I can assure you that a law would be made within a month and outright ban this . The cops would have a field day writing tickets and arresting riders.
Do you not see this coming in NYC? Its only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt or killed as drivers and pedestrians complain.
This is getting more popular everyday and I’m into it as well. It’s just how much larger the groups are going to get and how much longer we are going to be able to do this.

Alex Cadena says:

Bro….that was your sickest edit!!! great fckn edit

Cole Bender says:

Yeah, so I’m gonna need more of this… Wish I lived close enough to join! Looks like a ton of fun.

Connor Tizzard says:

I wish I had a boosted board to go on a ride

C Hawk says:

Clean Jordan 4s bro.

LivingLikeLarry says:

Vlog more. This is great.

MaV3ŕiCkS mAyHeM says:

Yowza, @ 7:40 that dude has the Lacroix DSS60. First time seeing one in the wild.

Acoustic Silk says:

You gotta bring Casey to that!

Brian C says:

didnt see any minis??

Volcomintality says:

Kaly boards are serious business. Borderline too much.

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